A photo of a right hand writing on a spiral notebook using a ballpen

Easy as A-B-C: How to Create Compelling Social Images with Your Handwriting

In this digital age, it’s easy to forget that pen and paper is still a “killer app” when it comes to creating interesting images. Even though we’ve grown accustomed to keyboards and touch screens, creating social images using your own handwriting is simple and easy.

Handwritten text stands out in a way that fonts do not. It has an immediacy and intimacy that I just love — even when it’s not “pretty.” My theory is that some part of our brain that perks up because we recognize this human touch. When we see computer-generated type day in and day out, it tends to become invisible.

Here are some simple tips and ideas for creating your own interesting social images starting with nothing more than your own ABC’s.

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A photo of a blue bird with reading glasses using a smartphone and looking at twitter

Create a New Twitter Header in 3 Easy Steps

My friend Kelly Kingman joins us this week to talk about the changes up ahead on Twitter. Discover how to adapt your Twitter header and profile images to take advantage of the new format. Questions? Ask away in the comments! – Pamela Wilson

Twitter is rolling out its biggest-ever redesign this month, and the new look will remind you a lot of the shift that Facebook went through a couple years ago with their cover photos.

But it’s not just about bigger photos — a couple of these changes might transform the way you think about the content you post to social media.

Right now, this new design for your profile is opt-in, but by May 28th, 2014, all profiles will be switched over to the new look. Below, we’ll hit the highlights of what’s new as well as give you a super-fast way to give your Twitter profile page a fresh makeover.

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visual multiplier

More Results, Less Content: Harness the “Visual Multiplier Effect”

I’m happy to feature this guest post from Kelly Kingman. –Pamela Wilson

Let me guess, did “less content” get your attention?

As busy entrepreneurs, most of us are barely carving out enough time to keep up with our current writing needs. We pour pearls of wisdom into our blog and newsletter, but some months it seems like no one has time to click, read or share that link to our insightful and well-crafted written content.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a way that you could take those ideas that you’ve spent precious hours turning into articles and posts, and give them the digital equivalent of a megaphone?

That’s where the Visual Multiplier Effect comes in. Your ideas are the spark, the words are the kindling. Then, when you add a layer of visual communication to your marketing messages — that’s the gasoline.

The Visual Multiplier Effect, simply stated, dramatically increases the effectiveness of your marketing by increasing these four factors:

  • attention
  • retention
  • persuasion
  • proliferation

Let’s look at each and why visual information is so powerful.

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How to Create Your Sales Page and Ebook Outline at the Same Time (in 3 Easy Steps)

Part two of a two-part series on Ebooks

make your brand stick with ebook tips from kellyThis week I invited Kelly Kingman — author of the Sticky eBook Formula — to share one of her time-saving tips for creating eBooks.

Her many years of offline and online publishing experience have taught her there’s always an easier way to get things done! Here she shares one insight that will save you hours of time. – Pamela

Begin with the end in mind

brand marketing with ebooks depends on a clear vision
Start your Ebook project with a clear vision of the end result you’re working toward.

It makes good marketing sense to create products that your customers want. The same principle applies to writing an Ebook. You can write a great Ebook on any topic in the world, but it’s only sound as a business strategy if it addresses a need or desire that your customers actually have.

To that end, when you begin your Ebook project it’s best to start at the end. What are you selling and why would people want it? We want to figure those ingredients which will inspire people to purchase your Ebook. Prospective buyers will want to know what problem your Ebook solves and the kinds of benefits they will experience as a result. So why not take those features and benefits use them to build both a sales page and the table of contents?

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