Brand Fonts: Why Some Website Typeface Combinations Look So Stunning

A combination lock on a locker

Your “brand voice?” It all starts with your brand fonts! And the #1 place to start using your brand fonts is on your website. There are two companies offering you the ability to customize the typefaces on your website, and they’re easy — and often free — to use. In this post, you’re going to […]

The Marketing Secret That’s Hiding in Plain Sight

A person with a colorful umbrella walking in a middle of an empty road

There’s a blatant lack of information about one crucial ingredient to successful marketing that no one seems to want to talk about. You know what that means, right? I’m going to write about it, of course. The secret marketing ingredient no one ever seems to mention is …

Avoid Wishy-Washy Design with Decisive Contrast

Colorful shapes stacked up with a blue cube below a red cone on top of it and a yellow sphere above the cone all in a dark gray backgound

I used to love watching Sesame Street when I was younger. (True confession: I still like watching it if I’m sick in bed. It’s comfort television.) Let’s play a game Sesame Street had a few regular features that were great training for a graphic designer and small business marketer-to-be. My favorite was “One of These […]