A man walking up a hiking trail of a mountain

The Long, Winding, Sometimes Rocky Trail to Business Success, and How to Get There Faster

Wouldn’t it be nice if business success was easy? If there was a formula for success, like all the self-help gurus would have us believe?

My answer to those questions is no. I think it’s good that business is challenging and difficult at times.

It’s only through fighting past the tough times — and puzzling through the online business challenges — that we learn. And once we’ve put the effort in, we appreciate the success we’re able to create more than if it was handed to us.

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A picture of 3 separate stairs with one person climbing one of the stairs

What Nonstop Work Won’t Get You

All your hard work this year has gotten you … where?

Have you accomplished what you expected? Do you remember what you expected to accomplish?

This is a perfect time of year to stop what you’re doing, and schedule some time to reflect on the state of your business.

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