4 Techniques for Finding and Interviewing Your Dream Subject Matter

4 Techniques for Finding and Interviewing Your Dream Subject-Matter Expert

No matter the industry, we all have a favorite subject-matter expert (SME).

They’re the people whose books fill your bookshelf, whose newsletters fill your inbox, and whose tweets dominate your Twitter feed.

Their knowledge is the content compass that guides you as you create the informative, engaging, and valuable information your readers adore.

Now imagine interviewing those same SMEs on your website, delivering your readers’ favorite content direct from the experts themselves.

You’ve seen big names do it in their articles and podcasts, and you’d like to do the same.

It’s a privilege reserved for Internet insiders, right?

Not quite.

In fact, from local leaders to Internet superstars, you’re only four steps away from interviewing your dream subject-matter expert on your website:

  1. Connect with an applicable SME
  2. Ask the SME for an interview
  3. Craft the interview questions
  4. Interview the SME

Grab your notepad and take notes — it’s time to interview that SME you’ve admired.

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