5 Copywriting Tricks for Turning Blah Text into Persuasive Copy

Perfectly aligned pencils of the same size with one red long pencil that stands out from the rest, representing how persuasive copy helps you stand out

Feeling overwhelmed when writing your content? You’re not alone. Learning to write persuasive copy can be frustrating. Everyone has more tips, more advice, more copywriting rules. Write tight. Use attention-grabbing headlines. Add features and benefits. Don’t forget the hook. Check your grammar rules and punctuation. No jargon. No adverbs. No … whatever. Trying to remember […]

Get Rid of Ugly Marketing Materials Once and For All

A hand on a blue background doing a thumbs down

It’s time to take control of the marketing materials you use for your business, and learn to make them consistent, effective and professional. The Big Brand System online course will walk you through the steps from defining your market and message, to creating materials that look polished and make you proud to talk about your […]

Design 101 | Marketing Begins with the Eyes

A left eye close up of a black man next to a red block with text that says marketing begins with the eyes

You have a wonderful, targeted marketing message. It’s well crafted, every word is considered carefully, and it’s written with impeccable spelling and grammar. And yet, you’re not making the sales numbers you want. You don’t get the traffic your web site needs. What’s missing? The answer can be found in my Design 101 series.