How to Create a Simple Yet Powerful Social Media Strategy that Skyrockets Sales and Increases Traffic

A 4-Letter Way to Create a Simple Yet Powerful Social Media Strategy that Skyrockets Sales and Increases Traffic

Is your social media strategy doing what you want it to?

Do you look at your Facebook page’s plummeting reach and wonder if you should move to another network?

Have you been struggling with justifying the humongous amount of time you spend on social media with the minuscule returns you’ve been seeing?

Maybe you’re just frustrated with how you need to keep flinging things at it in the hope that something may just stick?

I hear you.

You aren’t the only one in this seriously shaky social media boat.

Nearly everyone who approaches us for social media services expresses frustration, overwhelm, and even, disappointment with it.

And you know what the single-step solution to all of this is?

3 little words.

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A football laid down to a grass field

The Top 4 Things the NFL Can Teach You About Marketing

I’m very happy to feature a guest post from Laura Petrolino today. As you’ll see, Laura has a favorite past time: football. When you read her bio at the end of the post, you’ll ask the same question I did: “how does this woman have time to watch football?” She does, though, and this post is proof that she gets a lot out of it! –Pamela Wilson

brand marketing with tips from the NFL

Football is like life — it requires perseverance, self-denial, hard work, sacrifice, dedication and respect for authority. –Vince Lombardi

brand marketing with ideas for your business from LauraFootball is more than a game. It is about strategy, about fully utilizing your resources, about adjusting to sudden change … and, of course, about pleasing your fans.

We can learn a lot about life from the game of football. Whether it be business, personal, spiritual or psychological; many of life’s great questions can be answered by analyzing the way things are done on the field, and marketing is no exception.

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