Brand Fonts: Why Some Website Typeface Combinations Look So Stunning

A combination lock on a locker

Your “brand voice?” It all starts with your brand fonts! And the #1 place to start using your brand fonts is on your website. There are two companies offering you the ability to customize the typefaces on your website, and they’re easy — and often free — to use. In this post, you’re going to […]

Why I Hate the Verdana Font

Type Styles of the Rich and Famous copy

Of all the web-compatible typefaces available, the least appealing is the Verdana font. And yes, I know it’s used all over. Believe me, I notice! We’ve spoken about choosing typefaces and brand fonts a lot around here. Your font matters — maybe more than you realize. Think about it: Your font choice become the visual […]

Design 101 | 7 Typographic Resources and 1 Type Joke

A photo of different font designs and colors

Can’t decide between serif and sans serif fonts? (Not even sure what that means?) You’re in the right place — this article shares examples of serif and sans serif fonts — plus a whole lot more. Your font choice tells a lot about your business and what it stands for. Marketing guru Seth Godin talks […]