Brand Fonts: Why Some Website Typeface Combinations Look So Stunning

A combination lock on a locker

Your “brand voice?” It all starts with your brand fonts! And the #1 place to start using your brand fonts is on your website. There are two companies offering you the ability to customize the typefaces on your website, and they’re easy — and often free — to use. In this post, you’re going to […]

6 Quick and Effective Content Formatting Examples to Optimize Your Pages

Content formatting examples and tips

The content formatting examples you’re about to see can transform the pages of your website. This comprehensive guide will show you how your written content — both blog posts and website pages — will engage and retain your audience’s attention. And it’s not as difficult as you might think. By understanding web content formatting, you […]

16 Essential Brand Building Strategies to Grow Your Business this Year

A photo of an alarm clock together with a calendar

Your big brand doesn’t just happen. It’s not a fluke. It’s the result of using brand building strategies consistently over time. But what should you focus on first? And how should you go about getting things done? In today’s post, I’m sharing sixteen ways you can whip your brand (and your online business) into shape. […]

Simple Logo Design: “Doc, Do I Need a Logo?”

A stethoscope against a light blue background

Can a non-designer create a simple logo design that works? Absolutely! Follow the steps below to learn how to create a simple word mark logo. This is a simple logo design style that’s used by some of the most powerful corporations in the world. Related: Why a Fancy Logo is a Waste of Time and […]