6 Quick and Effective Content Formatting Examples to Optimize Your Pages

Content formatting examples and tips

The content formatting examples you’re about to see can transform the pages of your website. This comprehensive guide will show you how your written content — both blog posts and website pages — will engage and retain your audience’s attention. And it’s not as difficult as you might think. By understanding web content formatting, you […]

7 Foolproof Design Upgrades You Can Do Today

A set of ascending stars and a hand holding one start at the end

Can I let you in on a little secret? If you’ve read this blog for any length of time, this won’t be a surprise to you. Design isn’t hard. Anyone can do it, even you. Mastering good design is simply a matter of learning and applying a series of rules. Once you’ve understood and assimilated […]

Beautiful Nothingness: The Power of White Space

White brick background with a text that says beautiful nothingness the beauty of white space beside it is a small plant and a stack of books

Artists and writers dread looking at a the white space on a blank page. That moment just before they touch the brush to canvas, or type the first letter on the screen can seem like an eternity. For a designer, a blank page is just potential that’s waiting to be utilized. If you’re not used […]

Design 101 | Toe the Line: The Lazy Way to Design

Design 101 Toe the Line The Lazy Way to Design

This is Lesson 7 of the Design 101 Series Some people can’t stand to see anything out of place. They straighten picture frames, friends’ collars and sofa cushions. If this describes you, that impulse can serve you well if you’re trying to organize a page.

Design 101 | Make it Easy to Consume Your Information with White Space

A minimalist chandelier, center table and a small couch all against a white wall

White space is any space on your web site or printed page that doesn’t have graphics or text. It’s the “non-content” your readers will thank you for including, because it makes it easier for them to consume information on your website. When people first try to create their own marketing materials, their first impulse is […]