How to grow your TEAM! Hire a virtual assistant.

How to Hire a Virtual Assistant — A Simple 5-Step Process to Grow Your Team

Hire a virtual assistant as soon as you can. It can be a game-changer for your business!

Consider the difference in your business if you could free up 5 to 10 hours of your time every week.

That’s time you can spend working on your business instead of in it.

When I recommend coaching clients hire a virtual assistant, I get a lot of push-back.

“Where will I find this person?” 

“How will I train them?” 

“What if I can’t keep them busy?”

And of course, underlying all those questions is the big one: 

“Can I really afford this?”

I get it. I worked alone in my business for years. So what I’m about to tell you comes from experience.

Once you work through these issues, you’ll find yourself asking a new question:

“Why didn’t I hire a virtual assistant years ago?” 

Finding an assistant isn’t that difficult. And once you have a system for working with your virtual assistant (VA), you’ll wonder why you waited so long.

Chances are you’re so busy that the idea of taking time to find someone — never mind training them — feels impossible.

Good news — I have a simple, five-step process to make it easier for you to hire a virtual assistant for your business. Read on, or watch the video above.

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Kickstart online business success when you stop "learning" and start implementing

How to Kickstart Online Business Success When You Stop “Learning”

What does online business success look like to you?

As online entrepreneurs, we sit down every day to work in front of what I not-so-affectionately call a “Distraction Box.”

When else in human history have we been expected to do productive work by using the exact same device that also provides entertainment, connection with loved ones, and irresistible distractions at every turn?

Give yourself a break: it’s not easy! For any of us — me included.

But I’m here to report that:

Productive days and weeks are possible — even when your productive work happens on a “Distraction Box.”

With just a handful of simple new habits, you can stop procrastination in its tracks without needing to sign up for a new course or read a new book.

(That’s what “learning” often is — a noble pursuit that is procrastination in disguise. But it can undermine our online business success. More on this later.)

The result from adopting these new productive habits?

You’ll find yourself hitting those elusive goals. You’ll step into a leadership role in your online business.

Each success will boost your confidence and your “distraction resistance” muscle will grow stronger.


Let’s get started.

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How to build an email list with the "Drip-Drip" and "Flood" methods

How to Build an Email List: The Fast and Slow Methods

You want to build an email list as quickly as possible, right?

That’s smart — email marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to grow an online business.

But does speed really matter?

On the one hand, yes — it’s important to gather an audience that you can help and serve. The faster you build this audience, the sooner your online business will see real traction.

But fast is not the only speed you need to use. Slow counts, too.

A solid email marketing strategy uses both speeds, fast and slow.

The fast tactics you’re about to read about will give your email list an immediate boost.

But the slow tactics? They’ll provide slow burn growth that builds a solid foundation under your online business.

Ready to build an email list at two different speeds? Let’s do this …

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A photo of six small blocks with a pictures of emojis with different expressions and a hand picking a block with a happy emoji

How to Choose a Business Name You’ll Love Today, Tomorrow, and 5 Years from Now

Breaking out in a sweat because you need to choose a business name? Figuring out how to choose a business name — the right business name — requires nerves of steel.

After all, it’s a major commitment with far-reaching consequences. And you have to make it in the early days of your business — a time that you may not feel ready to make such a major decision.

Get it right, and your business name will establish your brand, clarify what you do, and leave your prospects interested in learning more.

Get it wrong, and you’ll leave your prospects confused or — even worse — disinterested.

Your business name sets the tone for all your marketing. It makes a first and lasting impression.

Feeling anxious yet? Let’s talk about the most-common questions I get about how to choose a business name that attracts your best customers.

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A woman wearing a long cape looking over a city with a dramatic sunset background

4 Powerful Questions That Help Coaches Make More Money

Sometimes coaches need coaching, especially when you want to increase the profits in your business. I have four powerful questions that help coaches increase their revenue — without burning out.

As a coach, you know the importance of asking good questions, and how asking the right question is an important part of finding a good solution to your challenges.

Below are crucial coaching questions you can use as you build your practice — and make more money.

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A man wearing a suit and tie next to text How to Get Powerful Testimonials that Convince Even the Most Skeptical Prospects

A Simple Way to Get Testimonials that Convince Even the Most Skeptical Prospects

There’s nothing like the feeling when you get testimonials from real-life customers.

You can use these powerful snippets to convince even your most skeptical prospects to do business with you for the first time.

Testimonials show prospects how real people have used your product or service to get real results.

Testimonials break down your prospect’s defenses because they’re easy to believe, especially compared to regular marketing copy.

Testimonials come from a customer — someone who is just like the person who’s reading your page.

But …

  • How can you ask for testimonials?
  • How should you ask for them so you get testimonials that work?
  • How should you format your testimonials?

This post will answer these questions one by one, and I’ll use testimonials I’ve gathered as examples.

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