Vannesia Darby Online Business Expert

From Solopreneur to CEO with Digital Marketer Vannesia Darby of MOXIE Nashville

What’s it like to transition from solopreneur to CEO of an online business? Digital marketer Vannesia Darby has done it, and has some solid advice.

Vannesia is the CEO of MOXIE Nashville, a business strategy and social media agency.

I saw her for the first time a few years back at an event called Craft Content Nashville, where I was the keynote speaker. I thought she was awesome, and wanted to meet her. We discovered that we lived in the same area of Nashville! 

She is so smart and so savvy about so many things. She’s a perfect guest for the Online Business Expert Series.

From solopreneur to CEO — from music to digital marketing

Vannesia got her start in the gospel music industry, and then moved into working with record labels. 

These days she also works with influencers, clients in higher education, SaaS companies, and businesses in faith-based genres.

Vannesia draws from all her experiences when she serves her clients. 

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Personal Brand or Business Brand

Should You Build a Personal Brand or a Business Brand?

Should I build a personal brand for my business? Or should I build a business brand? These questions might have you tossing and turning at night.

In this article, we’re going to step back, take a deep breath, and look objectively at both options so you can chose the best brand type for the business you’re building.

Let’s start with basic definitions …

Personal Brand - Your Personality, Lifestyle, and Interests

What is a personal brand?

A personal brand is built around you — your personality, your lifestyle, and your interests.

It usually means you brand your business with your name. There are positives and negatives to this, and we’ll review them in this post.

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Brand - Build an Identity.

What is a business brand?

A business brand is built around an identity you create for your business.

It usually means you need to craft a name for your business that’s independent of your personal name. Again, there are pros and cons, and we’ll cover each below.

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Related: Branding 101: 7 Business Name Traps to Avoid

Either way, you’ll want to know your brand personality. Take my fast, free brand personality quiz.

When does creating a personal brand work well?

It’s easier than ever to build a personal brand, especially with the tools we have available to us online. Between personal websites and social media accounts, it may be easier to create a personal brand than a business brand.

But there are a few reasons you might want to avoid this, so read on.

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Pam Slim, author of The Widest Net talks with Pamela Wilson.

The Best Way to Find Your Online Audience: The Widest Net with Pam Slim

If you want to learn how to find your online audience, Pam Slim is a good person to talk to.

Back in 2009, I was starting to explore moving my business online. I had been in business for decades, and I wanted to explore the online space. 

I came across today’s guest, Pam Slim, and was incredibly inspired by her. 

She was actively delivering transformation to people online, and little did I know that five years later, she and I would both be keynote speakers at the same event. 

Pam Slim is today’s Online Business Expert Series guest. We talk about her latest book, The Widest Net.

She shares her thoughts on how to find your online audience — and how to make meaningful connections so you can grow your business in a way that aligns with your values. 

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How to grow your online business - healthy business healthy you.

How to Grow Your Online Business — 3 Powerful Mindset Tips to Help You Meet Challenges

Want to know how to grow your online business when you run into challenges? It starts with your mindset. 

Today I’ll give you three powerful tips so you can meet online business challenges head on.

The video above was recorded in late 2021, when a fifth wave of the COVID-19 pandemic was building. But what I talk about applies to any online business challenge.

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Content headline masterclass with Pamela Wilson

What is a Catchy Headline? How to Write Catchy Headlines Like a Pro

Exactly what is a catchy headline — and how can you write catchy headlines that make your content irresistible?

A catchy headline catches attention.

And catching attention in a busy environment like the internet is a mammoth task.

That’s why we’re about to take a deep dive into headline writing strategies. 

If you’re not sure how to write headlines for blogs, or want to improve your headline writing skills, you’re in the right place.

This video is a peek into a workshop I delivered live. It’s chock full of copywriting tips, so grab your favorite beverage and get ready to learn all about content headlines. 

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Product Launch Plan - Ask the Online Business Coach

The 3 Stages of a Stress-Free First-Time Product Launch Plan

You did it! Your brand-new product or service is ready to go. Now … what’s your product launch plan?

(Cue record scratch …)

When most people think of their product launch plan, they think in terms of the first definition in the Merriam-Webster dictionary:

Launch: to throw forward, hurl.

In this article, though, I’m digging deep into the definition of the word and highlighting a completely different approach.

Launch: to put into operation or set in motion, initiate.

I’m about to show you a very simple sample launch plan you can follow.

Because your first launch of a new product is all about setting things in motion. It doesn’t have to be perfect.

Planning a product launch? Think of your new product launch as a “first draft” and keep it simple so you can get your new offer out into the world.

What is a product launch?

A product launch is a moment in time when you put your offer — your product or service — in front of an audience of prospective buyers.

It’s also an event!

The best product launches feel like a party. You let people know about your launch in advance to build anticipation. And you have a memorable time while it’s happening.

And … truth be told … you’re a little bit exhausted once it’s done. Just like when you throw a great party.

More on how to avoid total exhaustion in a moment. 🙂

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