John Jantsch on Pamela Wilson's Online Business Expert Series

Marketing Strategy for Online Business — 6 Powerful Tips from John Jantsch

In this episode of the Online Business Expert Series I’m excited to talk about marketing strategy for online business with marketing consultant, speaker, and bestselling author John Jantsch.

I first met John when I was working at Copyblogger and we’ve stayed in touch over the years. I’m honored to say I’ve appeared on the pages of his Duct Tape Marketing blog and podcast, and I had the opportunity to address John’s customers at one of his live training events.

In addition to talking about marketing strategy for online business, we discuss John’s latest book, The Ultimate Marketing Engine. He had lots of wisdom to share during this wide-ranging interview.

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Marketing strategy for online business should be informed by your ideal customers. This is a subject John is passionate about!

When you understand what your best customers need, you can design your solutions around them. The result is that you attract more of those ideal customers to your business.

Let’s look at the six tips that might make you look at marketing strategy for online business in a whole new way.

Tip #1: Social media — focus on engagement

John has approximately 4,000 articles on his blog. A recent one really jumped out at me. 

Here it is: Is Facebook Still a Useful Play for Small Businesses? 

In the article, John suggested it may be time to revisit our dependence on social media.

For many businesses, there’s no question that using social platforms are a necessary part of marketing. What John questions is whether social media is useful the way people are using it.

Some people are simply repurposing content on their Facebook Pages, which doesn’t get any organic engagement. Social might be free, but using it that way has little to no value for them. 

What does work? A few of John’s small business clients have amazing engagement. They’ve been very effective at posting about their business culture. 

Their content is more personal — great pictures, funny things, that demonstrate who they are as a business. There’s no call to action. It’s about getting to know the “business” as the people who work there.

Page views are valuable, but engagement is what counts on social. Facebook ads have gotten harder to leverage as people have become immune to some of the approaches that used to work. John recommends a carefully thought out social media strategy instead.

“Whether it’s Facebook or some other platform, my real advice to a lot of small businesses is find the one you think has the most value for you and just go deep in that and forget about the rest, because you can’t do them all. Not well, at least. So you’re just wasting your time if you try.”

In that same article, John wrote that Facebook can have a place for small businesses, but what’s more important is to create a better customer experience.

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Fix your course sales problem!

Why is My Course Not Selling? Smart Solutions to 4 Common Problems

Here’s a question that might keep you up at night: “Why is my course not selling?”

It’s frustrating! But the fix may be easier than you think. 

Sometimes the best results happen after failures. When a course promotion fails, there are a handful of problems I usually see. Let’s dig in to see how you can avoid them.

I’m going to go over four potential problems with your online course sales. And of course, I’m going to share the solutions, too. 

Warning: These problems may not be easy to hear. You might wish you’d addressed these issues before, not after you sold your course.

If it’s any consolation, the reason that I know about these problems is that I’ve made these mistakes myself.

Yes, my friend, this isn’t theory — everything you’re about to learn comes from real-life experience!

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A group of people posing for the camera next to the text Business Focus: It's Why Some People Triumph Online and Others Never Make It

Business Focus: It’s Why Some People Triumph Online and Others Never Make It

Business focus is why some people are able to build the online business they dream of while others think about it … but never actually create it?

And why is it that some people are able to build an online presence … but never get it to the level where they can live off the revenue it creates?

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Why does it seem like certain people come out of nowhere and claim their place in your area of expertise before you’ve had a chance to claim it yourself?

So frustrating …

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Create "Luck" for Your Online Business - 30 business mindset hacks

Proceed with Confidence: 30 Quick Ways to Boost Your Business Mojo

2022 marks 30 years in business!

It has been a long journey and I’ve learned a lot. Time to celebrate with a sneak peek at the business mindset hacks that have helped me to succeed.

One of the biggest lessons I learned is that you create your own “luck” in online business.

It might just be the most powerful business mindset hack there is.

Watch the video above to see 30 ways you can create “luck” in your online business. These are 30 lessons I learned in my 30 years in business!

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In this article, I’m highlighting the top ten business mindset hacks from my list of 30 online business lessons. Enjoy!

Proven business mindset hacks — let's party!

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Pamela Wilson interviews Lou Reyes for her Online Business Expert Series.

Start a Business After 50 — Advice from YouTube Star Lou Reyes

Why should you start a business after 50? 

Lou Reyes, founder and face of Over50tv and Side Hustle Rules on YouTube, shares his online business insights in this episode of the Online Business Expert Series.

Over50tv offers career advice to people who are over 50. 

Side Hustle Rules is a new channel that provides tips on how to start a side hustle, which Lou firmly believes is the best way to start your online business now — begin with something small and build it up. 

I’ve gotten to know Lou during the time that I’ve been active on YouTube. He’s been an incredible supporter of my channel, and I was excited to interview him! 

He has great tips for anyone who wants to get into the online space and start a business after 50.

And he has a surprising story to tell about how he got his start as an entrepreneur.

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