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Attract Profitable Prospects, Maximize Reach, and Use AI for Content Production


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Pamela Wilson, Marketing Advisor and Executive Coach

Pamela Wilson, Author

Pamela Wilson is a 30+ year business owner, and the former Executive Vice President of Educational Content at Copyblogger, a content marketing industry leader.

As the Chief Marketing Officer of a fast-growing business, she knows that effective content drives awareness, sales, and retention. And the way to make content production efficient is with the careful, ethical use of AI tools.

Pamela developed a smart, ethical, efficient way to use AI in content production. The team she manages uses it every day. It works — and it’s fun.

After she developed this new content production process, she re-wrote her seminal Master Content books from front to back.

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Master Content Marketing, Second Edition

Tradition, meet innovation — this is the guide today’s content marketer needs. Geared toward both new marketers and seasoned professionals, Master Content Marketing shares proven strategies for crafting compelling, revenue-generating content.

Even experienced marketers will see content marketing improvement with the classic content principals and AI content tools recommended here.

Optimize your business’s content production process using the systems, processes, and trustworthy advice of a career marketer on the front lines of the industry.

“From the power of its first sentence to its system that takes away the overwhelm you may feel about getting started, this is your handbook for reaching your goals with content marketing.”

Dave Charest
Director, Small Business Success
Constant Contact

“Scores of people profess to be content marketing experts. Who can you trust? You can trust Pamela Wilson.”

Brian Clark
Founder, Copyblogger Media
CEO, Movement Ventures


Master Content Strategy, Second Edition

Shorten the distance from prospect to customer with this transformative guide to content strategy. 

Written for new marketers and seasoned professionals, Master Content Strategy shares a proven approach to revenue-generating content marketing that combines human expertise and AI writing tools for content production.

This book will show you how to nurture robust consumer relationships and propel your business forward in the digital realm. Plus, you’ll get the systems, processes, and trustworthy advice of a career marketer on the front lines of the industry.

Ready to compete with content? Grab your copy of Master Content Strategy today.

“Pamela doesn’t approach content as a writing problem — she approaches it as a business problem. In this book, Pamela has distilled her decades of business and content experience into a doable, pragmatic plan.”

Sonia Simone
Founding partner, Copyblogger Media
Founder of Creative Fierce

“Pamela understands what content to produce and when, as well as the practicalities of how to scale. Regardless of your budget or background, you’re in good hands.”

Jon Morrow
Founder, SmartBlogger