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Whether you want to build a personal brand online or you want to create an online brand based on a business name, you’ll find the brand essentials you need here.

Personal Brand or Business Brand

Personal Brand or Business Brand — Which is Better?

Personal brand or business brand — how should you show up online? It can be a tricky choice to make. In this YouTube video, you’ll learn what each of these kinds of brands means, and how they differ from each other.  We’ll also talk about the pros and cons, so you can choose between a

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Digital Marketing Images: 7 Simple Image Types You Should Try Today

I’ll admit it — I’m obsessed with digital marketing images and how they can transform your online presence! Here’s the thing — creating images for content marketing is easier today than it has ever been before. The tools? Online. Easy-to-use. Inexpensive. Fun! I’m partial to PicMonkey. The education? I’ve got you covered! Give me 50

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