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Why Does That Logo Cost So Much? Design Advice and 1 Big Takeaway

Logo design is in the news on a regular basis. And the story usually isn’t pretty. Here’s how it goes: “The XYZ Organization revealed their new logo last week. Customers complained bitterly that the new image didn’t represent their hopes and dreams. And when XYZ Organization admitted the new logo cost $40,000, a protest was

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A very colorful pinwheel against a purple background

Choosing Brand Colors That Move People to Action

Brand colors are the first visual element people notice about your brand. Before fonts, shapes, scale or design, color registers in the eyes of your prospects. The biggest mistake I see, especially online, is that people aren’t brave enough about using color. They stick with black, white and grey. They don’t venture away from safe

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A faded picture of a spread of pantone strip

How to Choose Two Brand Colors for Your Business

Want to make a big impression for just a small investment of time? Find two brand colors to associate with your business and your brand will suddenly be: Easy to recognize and remember Simple to apply consistently Color, after all, is free to use on the web. And color printing is less expensive than ever.

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