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Discover Your Brand Identity with this Free Brand Personality Quiz

Discover your brand personality: a row of lightbulbs with one lit up

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NOTE: This page includes a free brand personality quiz that will help you build a better brand by answering just six quick questions. You’ll get your results right on this page.

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– Pamela Wilson,
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Take the Free Brand Personality Quiz

Discover your brand personality with these six questions

Do not over think this and don’t be afraid to envision where you’d like your company to be, even if it’s not there now. Choose your best answer and read on.

What your score means

Your brand personality is contemporary, fast-moving and energetic. You like to make ideas happen quickly, and you don’t mind taking risks. Your communication style is friendly and approachable.

Your brand personality is somewhere in the middle. Unfortunately, when it comes to marketing your business, the middle is the worst place to be. The middle is Blandsville. Avoid it all all costs and take a stand!


Your brand personality is traditional, and relies on established ways of getting things done. You might be trying to appeal to upscale clientele, and your communication style is corporate and professional.

Now that you know your brand personality, let’s move on to the next step to building a profitable brand …

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