How to Stand Out from the Crowd with an Unforgettable Personal Brand

How to Stand Out from the Crowd with an Unforgettable Personal Brand

Oprah Winfrey has a stand out brand.

If I say her name, you get an instant image in your mind of Oprah: her physical appearance, her personality, her TV shows, her movie roles, her magazine.

As these thoughts flow through your mind, consider that they have been carefully crafted by Oprah’s marketing team over many years to create a consistent brand image of her in your mind.

After all, what is a brand but a harmonious series of images, thoughts, and beliefs about a person, business or product?

We often talk about creating a strong, consistent brand for your business or product.

What if the “product” you’re selling is you? Can you stand out with a personal brand that’s as strong as Oprah’s?

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A woman peeking through a set of blinds

How to Usher Your Frightened Prospects Along the Path to a Purchase

If you want to sell someone something, you first have to earn their trust.

And that is not an easy thing to accomplish, especially if you’re trying to earn trust online. Online trust can’t rely on the social cues we use when talking face-to-face with a salesperson.

Online buyers can’t ask themselves things like:

  • Does this person make eye contact with me?
  • Do they seem confident and competent, or shy and bumbling?
  • Are they friendly and open, or do I get the feeling they’re holding something back?

Fortunately, Sean D’Souza has figured out how to communicate your offer online in a way that builds trust.

And that’s with no face-to-face interaction, no voice inflection, or any other cues. Just words.

Sean spells it out in his book, The Brain Audit.

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How to Create Your Sales Page and Ebook Outline at the Same Time (in 3 Easy Steps)

Part two of a two-part series on Ebooks

make your brand stick with ebook tips from kellyThis week I invited Kelly Kingman — author of the Sticky eBook Formula — to share one of her time-saving tips for creating eBooks.

Her many years of offline and online publishing experience have taught her there’s always an easier way to get things done! Here she shares one insight that will save you hours of time. – Pamela

Begin with the end in mind

brand marketing with ebooks depends on a clear vision
Start your Ebook project with a clear vision of the end result you’re working toward.

It makes good marketing sense to create products that your customers want. The same principle applies to writing an Ebook. You can write a great Ebook on any topic in the world, but it’s only sound as a business strategy if it addresses a need or desire that your customers actually have.

To that end, when you begin your Ebook project it’s best to start at the end. What are you selling and why would people want it? We want to figure those ingredients which will inspire people to purchase your Ebook. Prospective buyers will want to know what problem your Ebook solves and the kinds of benefits they will experience as a result. So why not take those features and benefits use them to build both a sales page and the table of contents?

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5 Simple Ways to Look for Google Love in All the Right Places

I’m very happy to feature a guest post from Conrad Walton on the blog this week. Conrad helps people get their sites found by search engines by helping them with SEO — Search Engine Optimization. In today’s post, he shares his top tips for making your website stand out. If you still have questions after reading this post, let him know in the comments. –Pamela Wilson

brand marketing made better through Search Engine OptimizationIn 7th grade, I really liked Diane. Everything about her was awesome.

She was a friend of friends, so when she would see me in the hall at school, she would smile at me and say “Hi.”

I knew she liked me as much as I liked her, otherwise, why would she smile and say “Hi” to me?

When I thought the time was right, I told her I liked her and wanted her to “go steady”.

Her answer was “Eeew! No way!”

I was crushed.

I had misread the signals.

Search engines are no smarter than I was in 7th grade. They are trying to read the signals too.

Here are 5 simple steps to BIG Search Engine Optimization.

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A basketball shot and through a basket ring

4 Simple Ways to Run Your Business like an NBA Team Captain

I’m very happy to feature a guest post from Laura Petrolino today. Laura’s a sports fan, as we saw in this post. I loved her take on what the best NBA players can teach us about business, and I hope you do, too! –Pamela Wilson

brand strategies learned from the leadership qualities of an NBA captainToday, the NBA is half sport and half soap opera, with a cast of characters complete with both divas and criminals (all with really big feet). However if you look beyond the hype, you’ll find a few shining examples of extremely talented leaders. Players who succeed — not just because they know how to play the game, but because they know how to lead.

As a former Portland, Oregon resident and long time Trail Blazer fan, Brandon Roy is the epitome of leadership. His role with the Blazers over the last five years can provide leadership insights for any business owner.

So if you want learn how to run your business like Brandon Roy, strap on a pair of size 12 Nikes and take note:

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A football laid down to a grass field

The Top 4 Things the NFL Can Teach You About Marketing

I’m very happy to feature a guest post from Laura Petrolino today. As you’ll see, Laura has a favorite past time: football. When you read her bio at the end of the post, you’ll ask the same question I did: “how does this woman have time to watch football?” She does, though, and this post is proof that she gets a lot out of it! –Pamela Wilson

brand marketing with tips from the NFL

Football is like life — it requires perseverance, self-denial, hard work, sacrifice, dedication and respect for authority. –Vince Lombardi

brand marketing with ideas for your business from LauraFootball is more than a game. It is about strategy, about fully utilizing your resources, about adjusting to sudden change … and, of course, about pleasing your fans.

We can learn a lot about life from the game of football. Whether it be business, personal, spiritual or psychological; many of life’s great questions can be answered by analyzing the way things are done on the field, and marketing is no exception.

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