The Content Profit Formula

3 Simple Ways to Use Content Marketing to Increase Your Income

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Your presenter is the founder of BIG Brand System, the former Executive VP of Educational Content for Copyblogger, and the author of the popular Master Content book series. 

Master Content Marketing and Master Content Strategy, two books by author Pamela Wilson

“Today there are more people online than ever before — I’m going to help you reach them!”

You’re about to learn:

  • A content framework to easily create content marketing that works 
  • The “lazy” way to create high-quality content faster with one small change to your routine
  • Pamela’s PS Method for making more money from the content you create — all year long
  • How you can create consistent, revenue-boosting content marketing assets starting today

Who is this free training for? It’s perfect for YOU if you’re ...

A non-writer who’s never published content before. 

That was me back in 2010: Creating content intimidated me. But I figured out the seven essential elements featured in all successful content. I taught them to the audience at Copyblogger. I wrote two books about them. I’ll teach them to you in the workshop!

A writer who struggles to consistently publish content.

My simple, step-by-step process for creating content allowed me to publish high-quality pieces consistently — even while being the mom of two teenagers and running a full-time offline business.

Not a professional content marketer. 

You’ve created content and know the basics — but you aren’t leveraging content marketing like you could. 

Your content is sometimes random — you don’t have a clear content strategy. Register on this page and let’s fix that today!

A content creator with lots of published content you want to optimize.

Have you already published hundreds of pieces of content and you’re not sure what to do next? 

Watch the workshop for ideas on how to optimize the content you have so you can put it to work for you.


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pamela wilson headshot 2020 190px circle TRANSThis is a pre-recorded training that you’ll have INSTANT access to from the moment you register.

Pamela’s workshop gives you immediate content marketing insights — and a preview of her comprehensive training program, The Content Lab.

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