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Man leaning over typewriter as dozens of papers float above it. This is how to use AI for faster content production.

3 Ways I Use AI for Faster Content Production

Step aside, caffeine: There’s a new way to speed up content production. And when used in moderation — with the advice below — it doesn’t give you the jitters. We’re about to explore how to use AI to turbocharge your content production as a small business owner. Fasten your seatbelt — let’s do this! Hold

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How to Choose a Business Name You’ll Love Today, Tomorrow, and 5 Years from Now

Creating a name for a brand-new business requires nerves of steel.

After all, it’s a major commitment with far-reaching marketing consequences. And you have to make it in the early days of your business — a time that you may not feel ready to make such a major decision.

Get it right, and your business name will establish your brand, clarify what you do, and leave your prospects interested in learning more.

Get it wrong, and you’ll leave your prospects confused or — even worse — disinterested.

Your business name sets the tone for all your marketing. It makes a first and lasting impression.

Feeling anxious yet? Let’s talk about the most-common questions I get about naming a business.

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