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How to write website content, even if you're a beginner

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Starting Your Website Content

You have a brand-new website. Congratulations! You may be wondering exactly how to write website content, though. It’s a big job. Where do you start? First, it’s important to understand the difference between static, unchanging website pages like your:  Home page About page Contact page Commerce-style pages like Store, Products, Services, or Work with Me

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Write your minimum viable website content

How to Publish an Amazing Minimum Viable Website in a Week

In the world of online business, everything … and I mean everything … revolves around your website. That’s where one of my favorite maxims comes in: Your ideas, your website outline, your page copy, the platform and theme you plan to use … these are all important. But until your website is published and findable on

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A woman posing for the camera next to text that says Homepage Design Ideas: How to Make Money from “Hello”

Homepage Design Ideas: How to Make Money from “Hello”

This article features homepage design ideas that will help you get this response from people who land on your website: Because really, isn’t that the effect we want? We want our site visitors to say: “I’m home! This is the place I’ve been searching for.” “This site was designed just for me!” “After a long

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Crumpled paper and a lightbulb next to text Repurposing Content: 5 Simple Ways to Get Remarkable Reach

Repurposing Content: 5 Simple Ways to Get Remarkable Reach

“Pamela, writing content is hard enough. What do you mean by ‘repurposing content?’” Oh, my friend. We are about to have some fun! Today, I’m going to introduce a way you can maximize the impact and reach of every piece of content you create with a simple content repurposing workflow. It’s easy when you have repurposing in

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