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A Peaceful Transition to a Brand New Site

A gold fish jumping out its bowl onto a new bowl

Improving your site involves a million little decisions, and that might make you nervous. Not Leah! She and I spoke a few weeks ago, and as soon as we hung up the phone, she started making improvements on her website. She started with this:

brand strategy on your website includes analyzing the current structure and design
Here’s what Peaceful Plant Communication looked like when Leah and I chatted.

… and you can see what her site looks like now at the bottom of this post, or by visiting

Peaceful planet communication in the hot seat

On the review call, Leah and I spoke about:

  • Why it’s important to own your list (and how to avoid handing your list over to someone else by mistake)
  • How to give away something that will make people want share their contact information
  • What you can do to capture your visitor’s attention from the moment they land on your site

We also spoke about using color tints to find colors that work for your site.

Listen to the 30-minute recording below: it’s free to Big Brand System blog readers. If you’d like to sit in the hot seat next, apply here and you may be contacted for an upcoming Big Brand System Review call.

Big Brand Review Call with

Download this recording to listen to on your mp3 player

What did you learn from the call? Let me know in the comments!

brand marketing on the web with successful design adjustments
Here’s what ‘s Peaceful Planet Communication looks like today!

Pamela Wilson

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8 thoughts on “A Peaceful Transition to a Brand New Site”

  1. Hi Pamela,

    I listened to the audio and I think that Leah site has been transformed and looks much more appealing now. There is one small suggestion I would like to make now. The content area does not have any highlights both in terms of color or call to actions.

    May be setting a background to the nav menu might make the content area stand out. Just my opinion as a marketer and web developer.

  2. Thanks so much for your help, Pamela. It looks SO much better! I wasn’t happy with the look of my site, and I had some ideas, but I just wasn’t sure or wasn’t making time to do it (eek was my photo really that big? lol). With your suggestions and the motivational push, I’m much happier with it now. I especially appreciated the nudge with the color, too–I like white space and non-clutter, but something has to hold things together, whatever it is (and I love color). The Color Wizard thing was a great help! I love it.

    @Eddie–Thanks. I’m going to play around with your idea of making content stand out more and see what I come up with. Also, you’re right about no call to action in that area. Maybe a sign-up reminder or request to tweet at the end of each post might be worth trying out.

    Thanks Pamela! If any of your other readers have any suggestions I’m all ears (ok eyes but you know what I mean 🙂

  3. Hi Pamela – I listened to the audio and got a few REALLY good ideas. Mostly Aweber stuff but a few other gems as well.

    Leah – your site looks much better. A couple of suggestions:
    1. Break up the copy a little more. The ‘Kids Today’ blog had great content, but it looks like several repeating subhead-para-subhead-para. An occasional one-liner or bolded phrase helps reduce the word-wall effect and reduces the commitment new readers may feel like they’re being asked to make.
    2. Picnik helped the photo, but I’d have a couple of professionally shot images. Pamela does it to the correct degree. This has gone too far (sorry!):

    Looking forward to the next one, Pamela.

    • Thanks for these comments, Vin.

      The great thing about the web is it’s so easy to update and revise things. After spending many, many years designing for print — where if you make a mistake it’s permanent — it’s a relief to be able to tweak (and tweak, and tweak!).

    • Thanks for your input, Vin! I took a very close look at the “Kids Today” article, and I wonder if you were looking at the most recent post from yesterday (“Peaceful Isn’t Boring”). “Kids Today” does have what you suggest, including a number of one-liners and one-point-five-liners (bit of a wrap). But the most recent post did have 27 items in a numbered list with no bold or anything which created a word wall.

      Thing is, though I made a recent headline/subheadline color change, I hadn’t yet changed the color of the bold font that I’d use for the list items, and straight black aka #000000 can be hard on the eyes and create way too much clutter. Didn’t know the code for that and couldn’t find it anytime soon, so I just changed font color completely, which includes bold, to the softer dark gray I’m using for subheadlines (4a4a4a). I think it looks fine now.

      As for the photo, in an ideal world I’d have a nice pro shot lol It’s only 10 points/degrees/whatever (in photoshop) from the way it was; I’ll play with it. Nice thing about a crappy too-brightly lit up photo is it disguises flaws lmao

      Have a great day.

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