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Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About

Let's Give Them Something to Talk About
Tagline advice

It’s time to turn the stage over to you again. Today’s open mic post is about taglines.

Your tagline is an integral part of the first impression your business makes. It’s that phrase — hopefully no longer than seven-eight words — that describes what your business offers. It expands on your business name, and when it works well, it piques your prospects’ interest, and makes them want to learn more.

If you get it right, you’ll give your prospects and customers something to talk about. You’ll give them the gift of an easy-to-remember group of words that will help them understand what your business offers.

This makes it easier for them to remember how they benefit from your products and services. It also makes it easier for them to recommend your business to others.

Learn more

I’ve written about this topic in the past in How to Write a Terrific Tagline.

If you’re still looking for a name for your business, read Branding 101: 7 Business Name Traps to Avoid.

Here’s my story

Big Brand System was founded in 2010. The original tagline was “Grow your business with great design.” After a year or so, I realized I wanted my tagline to reflect that I talk about marketing and design both, so I expanded it to its current version, “Grow your business with great design and marketing.”

I considered coining a new word that combined marketing and design to communicate how important it is to have both working together. Marketdesign? Designketing? Hmm … 😀

In the end, I decided to stick with my somewhat wordy tagline. They’re easy to edit, tweak and update, after all, since they’re not part of your legal business name.

Then in 2021, my business had evolved to the point where I needed not just a new tagline, but a complete rebrand. You can read all about that in my rebranding article.

Tell me your story

Let’s talk about your tagline. What is it, and what’s the thinking behind it?

If you’re still working on your tagline, or you’re thinking about changing it, use the comment section to get feedback from me and other readers. I’m happy to help!

Pamela Wilson

Pamela Wilson is the Chief Marketing Officer at DCS. She’s the creator of the Offer Accelerator Program. Learn more about Pamela’s content marketing books, and read reviews of the tools used to run this site.
Pamela Wilson coaches people in midlife to build profitable online businesses
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