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Proceed with Confidence: 30 Quick Ways to Boost Your Business Mojo

2022 marks 30 years in business!

It has been a long journey and I’ve learned a lot. Time to celebrate with a sneak peek at the business mindset hacks that have helped me to succeed.

One of the biggest lessons I learned is that you create your own “luck” in online business.

It might just be the most powerful business mindset hack there is.

Watch the video above to see 30 ways you can create “luck” in your online business. These are 30 lessons I learned in my 30 years in business!

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In this article, I’m highlighting the top ten business mindset hacks from my list of 30 online business lessons. Enjoy!

Proven business mindset hacks — let's party!

In 2017 I wrote an ebook called Proceed with Confidence. It mark 25 years in business. It contains 25 lessons — and you can get the full ebook for just 99 cents on Amazon or Apple Books.

Business Mindset Hack 1: Take Action

The only way to truly make progress in your business is to take action.

Studying, learning, and thinking are wonderful. But action is the best teacher of all.

Business Mindset Hack 2: Be Brave

Networking is an essential part of growing your business.

And this simple act of reaching out to your fellow human beings to make a connection can strike fear in the heart of an entrepreneur!

But since so much of your business success has to do with who you know, it’s important to have the courage to reach out and connect.

Business Mindset Hack 3: Break It Down and Build It Up

One of the best ways to make real progress on large projects is to break them down into their component parts so you can manage them separately.

Don’t let overwhelm get the best of you: look at your deadlines, decide which tasks need to get done, then parcel them out into week-sized and day-sized chunks.

Every big project starts with a small chunk of work.

Business Mindset Hack 4: Be the Interested Observer

The best business decisions are made from a place of impartiality.

Keeping some distance between you and your business — even seeing it as a game you’re playing — will help you stay smart about how you navigate your way through the business world.

Business Mindset Hack 5: Business Isn’t Personal

Mixing business life and personal life has a bad reputation for a very good reason.

Sometimes we’re called on to make tough decisions in our business. And if we have family ties (or even overly-familiar ties) with the people involved in those decisions, impartiality flies out the window.

Business is business. And personal life? Well, that’s something you need to guard carefully and avoid letting the two mix.

Love ebooks? I wrote one when I celebrated 25 years in business. Proceed with Confidence contains 25 lessons to help boost your online business— and you can get the full ebook for just 99 cents on Amazon or Apple Books.

Business Mindset Hack 6: What Does Profit Mean to You?

Profit doesn’t always mean money. Every so often, take a step back and think hard about what profit really means to you.

Is it time? Flexibility? Location independence?

Or maybe it is money — if that’s the case, great. Just make sure you’re the person defining what profit means and no one else.

Business Mindset Hack 7: MVP Everything

If you are developing your next big idea, think small.

By that, I mean think about how you can deliver your solution in an agile form that doesn’t take much money or time to put together.

Plan to test your idea in this minimal form before you invest in developing it fully.

Business Mindset Hack 8: Systems Bring Freedom

You probably already know that the key to growing any business is to develop efficient systems for getting things done.

But you might be puzzled about how those systems get developed.

Step 1? Simply keep a pad and paper beside you for a full week. Write down everything you do.

Do write down how you do it — just what you do.

This list will form the basis of the systems you’ll develop and hand over to your first employees or contractors.

Business Mindset Hack 9: Business is a Numbers Game

Business rewards persistence. To a certain extent, those who win are simply those who manage to stay in the game the longest.

So don’t give up. Put in the time and you’ll get the numbers working on your side.

Business Mindset Hack 10: Embrace the Not Knowing Zone

We don’t know what lies ahead in our business. That means we spend a lot of time in what I call the “Not Knowing Zone.”

It is deeply uncomfortable at first. But once you’ve experienced it a few times, you realize that the Not Knowing Zone is where the most interesting developments in your business happen.

Editor’s note: This post was originally published on January 11, 2017 and has been updated with a brand new video containing 30 online business tips. I wrote an ebook when I celebrated 25 years in business. It contains 25 lessons — and you can get it for just 99 cents on Amazon or Apple Books.

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