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How to Usher Your Frightened Prospects Along the Path to a Purchase

It’s tough enough to build trust when you’re standing right in front of someone. But online trust is even harder! With no social cues, we’re left trying to convince our prospects with mere words.

Fortunately, Sean D’Souza has developed a system for using words to make your prospects feel comfortable along the buyer’s journey. Join us for a free webinar featuring material from his best-selling book, The Brain Audit.

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Your Ebook Is Calling: 8 Reasons to Write Your Ebook Now

Do you hear that?

It’s your ebook calling. That ebook you have inside that wants to find its way out into the world.

You’ve thought about it. You may have jotted down some ideas for topics. You may have even started writing it.

But it’s not done. Yet.

Today’s post is designed to “light a fire” under you. I want you to get excited about all the possibilities that await you once you get your ebook done!

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What Kind of Ebook Should I Write?

So you’ve decided to write an ebook. Great! Your first task is to decide what type of ebook you’ll write: free, opt-in, or paid. The type you choose will affect the content, length, and formatting. Read today’s post for guidance and extra resources for getting your ebook done.

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Ebook Cover Design: 5 Captivating Styles You Can Borrow

Your ebook cover design is an attention-grabber for the great ebook you just wrote. Covers are important — we most definitely judge books by them! And the cover images we’re judging are increasingly small. That means our covers must look great at full size and be legible when drastically reduced. If you’re not a designer,

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How to Publish an Ebook by the End of the Year

You’ve heard about how ebooks can grow your business. And you like the idea of seeing your name on an ebook cover. But you haven’t done anything to make it happen. What’s stopping you? Maybe it’s that … You think you’re not ready. Here’s a secret: before writing their first ebook, most would-be authors feel

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