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Your Ebook Is Calling: 8 Reasons to Write Your Ebook Now


It’s time to finally write your ebook.

You’re here because you hear your ebook calling. That ebook you have inside that wants to find its way out into the world.

You’ve thought about it. You may have jotted down some ideas for topics. You may have even started writing it.

But it’s not done. Yet.

Today’s post is designed to “light a fire” under you. I want you to get excited about all the possibilities that await you once you write your ebook!

Write your ebook and claim your expert status.

1. When you write your ebook, you claim your expert status

Let’s be perfectly honest here. Writing, designing, and marketing an ebook is hard work. If it was easy, everyone would have an ebook.

If you have the guts to come up with an idea, and the persistence to see it through until it’s finished, you deserve to call yourself an expert on the topic. Because by researching and writing an ebook you will be.

Once you write your ebook and it’s out in the world, you can say “I wrote the book on ___”

You can add the word “author” after your name. You earned it!

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2. Your readers will enjoy having your wisdom in a convenient package

Blogs are great. And email newsletters are powerful.

But neither is the best vehicle for long-form information you’d like people to hold onto and refer back to for a long time.

Blog posts get lost in the mists of time. Email newsletters are filed away, never to be seen again.

An ebook, however, lives on. It stays on the hard drive, tablet, or phone it was downloaded to, ready to be brought up again at a moment’s notice.

Your readers appreciate this convenience, and they’ll be willing to pay for it.

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3. Your ebook will promote your business and what it offers

Your readers commit to your ebook and begin reading. You have their full attention.

What better time to tell the story of your business, so share its philosophy, and draw people in to what motivates you?

Write your ebook so you can share these stories and build a relationship with your reader.

When your reader needs the product or service you offer in the future, will they buy from the company they’ve never heard of, or the one whose book they read?

(You know the answer to that one.)

Write your ebook and grow your profits.

4. Your ebook will grow your profits

Ebooks come in all different price ranges. From free ebooks and $1.99 Amazon shorts, to $297 ebooks that resemble full-blown online courses, they run the gamut.

The best price for your ebook is the one that will make you feel like you’ve been fairly compensated for your work.

And the compensation might not come directly from your ebook. You see, ebooks are an easy, low-cost, low-commitment way for prospects to sample your offerings.

Their first experience of your offerings may be a low-cost ebook. This is your opportunity to impress them with high-quality information and great customer service.

Chances are, they’ll come back ready to spend a bit more on a higher-priced offering.

Ebooks are sneaky like that: they’ll add to your bottom line where you least expect it. 😉

5. You can use your ebook to organize and crystallize your ideas

As mentioned above, ebooks aren’t easy. They require some planning, and they take discipline to put together.

But the very process of assembling the information needed to write your ebook will help you in ways that are difficult to imagine unless you’ve experienced it. To get our ebook done, you need to:

  • Decide on the most compelling aspect of the topic you want to cover
  • Describe the most important points about your topic
  • Organize them so they’re clear and easy-to-understand
  • Give your information an introduction, write transitions between important points, and summarize what you’ve shared at the end

Going through this process will help you clarify your thinking like nothing else. Not only will you find it easier to write about your topic in the future, you’ll find it easier to speak about it, too.

6. You’ll tap into the digital book market

Back in April, 2011, Amazon reported selling more digital books than physical books. In 2019, sales of ebooks in the US alone topped 170 million.

My prediction? Digital book sales will continue to grow.

Why do I believe this? Because the big hurdle ebooks had to get past was readers becoming comfortable consuming their books on screen rather than on paper.

As time goes on, more people have tablet devices. Those devices get better, cheaper, and easier to use with every passing year.

And the newest generation of readers is growing up in a world where paper books and ebooks live side-by-side. They’re born feeling comfortable with both.

Writing your ebook means you can tap into this vast digital future, and this growing market of ebook readers.

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7. Your ebook will live on … and on

Ebooks are long-lived compared to a lot of the writing you may be doing now.

Long after a blog post fades into memory, your ebook can “live” on the sidebar of your website for years. That means the time you spend now can pay off for months and years in the future.

That means that …

8. You’ll work hard once, and benefit over and over

Ebooks are excellent brand ambassadors. What does that mean?

It means they serve as “spokespeople” for your business and your brand.

Because people spend more time reading an ebook than they may reading your other kinds of writing, you’re able to build trust and authority very naturally with this captive audience.

Stop stalling — close this browser window and write your ebook!

Pamela Wilson

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