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Boost Your Sales Page Conversions with These 7 Powerful Call to Action Examples

Are you on a mission to convert those prospects into customers? You’re in the right place.

We’re about to dive into seven call to action examples that get results. They’ll guide you on how to use call to action phrases and strategic sales page design to skyrocket your conversions.

Call to action examples: How to get your prospects to hit the “Buy Now” button

Imagine your potential customer has landed on your sales page and scrolled all the way down. They’re at a crossroads: to buy or not to buy.

Even the most captivating sales page copywriting will fall short if your call to action doesn’t seal the deal.

So how can you craft high-converting, compelling call-to-action phrases to ensure your online offers get noticed?

These call-to-action examples will have your prospects eagerly clicking that irresistible Buy Now button, and yes, you will notice a surge in sales!

Your sales page should do your heavy lifting

Since you can’t physically guide your prospect through the sales journey, your sales page has to do the heavy lifting.

Remember this fundamental marketing principle: A confused mind doesn’t buy.

That’s why it’s essential to use call to action phrases that are clear, persuasive, and focused on conversions.

There are two critical aspects to consider:

  1. Your call to action copy
  2. Your call to action design

We’ll examine both elements using seven call-to-action examples (or “CTA examples” as marketers call them) that will transform your sales page conversion rates.

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Call to action example 1: Crisp, clear messaging

When it comes to call to action phrases, clarity is king. This is not the time for clever wordplay or subtlety.

Your call to action phrases should be direct, urging the person to act right here, right now.

Craft your call to action phrases as commands, not questions.

Avoid saying, “Ready to start earning more in your current job? If so, here’s where you can take the first step and join our 30-day program.”

The message is informative, but here’s why this CTA copy doesn’t cut it:

  • It starts with a question
  • It’s too wordy
  • It lacks decisiveness
  • It doesn’t sound like a command

Instead, opt for: “Earn more in your current job — join now.”

Let’s examine a real-life example of a concise, clear, and compelling message — copy from Pam Slim’s Widest Net book order page.

Call to action example - copy from Pam Slim's Widest Net book order page.

While it’s a slight deviation from a traditional sales page, it serves as one of the excellent call to action examples of crisp, clear messaging.

Pam’s CTA copy is potent: “Your work is world-changing. Let’s help you find your customers.”

It perfectly resonates with her ideal customers.

She follows this with specific, actionable steps her customer can take to achieve their desired outcome: The Widest Net is a step-by-step method for building a thriving business.”

The following statement, “Order now and get these bonuses,” reinforces the text on the button below. Buyers tet an extra incentive to act immediately.

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Call to action example 2: Design that commands attention 

Contrary to popular belief, your call to action design might be the place to abandon your brand colors.

Your call to action needs to stand out from the rest of your sales page.

To achieve this, surround your call to action with white space. Then use bold and clear text to make it pop.

Call to action example - CTA design, from Sold With Stories.

In this call to action example, digital marketing coach Caroline Oneydinma leverages white space around her compelling message, “Go From Story to Sale In Just 30 Minutes a Day.”

The CTA button for her Sold With Stories program stands out against the white background.

The strong yellow creates a striking contrast with the grey-blue text above it and the subtle blue graphic element on the left side of the image.

Call to action example 3: Button copy

Most calls to action include a button — you’ll see them in every call to action example in this article.

Your call to action button copy is crucial. 

The best advice I ever received about what to write on your CTA buttons was from copywriter Joanna Wiebe, founder of Copyhackers

Your button copy should fill in this blank: “I want to _________.”

Whatever words would go in that blank are what should go on your button. 

Call to action example - button copy, from Copyhackers.

In the above example, which is a sales page design from a Copyhackers email course, the answer is crystal clear. Their customer wants to Master Emails Now

Remember our first call to action example — crisp, clear messaging?

Frame your CTA as a command, and motivate customers to act now. The Copyhackers button nails it.

The text above and beside the button reinforces the link between email marketing and revenue.

The button text answers their customer’s “I want to ____________.”

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Call to action example 4: Button design

Your button design must distinguish itself from the rest of your page. Opt for a large, bright, contrasting color.

Your call to action button is not the place to be timid with your design choices. Your sales page design is competing for your customer’s attention amid the online noise.

Be bold and audacious and urge your customer to click.

Call to action example - button design, from Pamela Wilson's BIG League program.

Check out the button on the sales page I designed for a program I had called the BIG League.

The vibrant green against the blue-purple backdrop is impossible to ignore, and it’s the perfect hue to stand out without clashing.

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Call to action example 5: Pricing table copy tips

Now, let’s delve into an advanced CTA example commonly found on sales pages — the pricing table.

We’ll talk about how you can apply sales page design principles to your pricing table in a minute. Before we get to that step, we’ll focus on crafting compelling call to action phrases.

Pricing tables appear in the section of your sales page where you’re inviting your prospect to make a purchase.

Your offer’s features are listed on both sides. The price is displayed, allowing your buyer to choose their preferred price point.

A great way to showcase a pricing table for a product or service with multiple price points is to create columns that list everything included in each option.

Listing everything included in your price points simplifies the establishment of a premium pricing strategy for your online offer.

A clearly written table helps your customer better understand the transformation you provide or the problem you solve.

Assign each price point a unique name.

A straightforward way to do this is to label one price point as Regular, and the other as VIP.

Alternatively, you could use Bronze, Silver, and Gold levels. Or, you could give them aspirational names, like Starter Pack and Advanced Level.

call to action example WealthBuilders pricing table

In the call to action example above, Scarlett from Wealth Builders Society uses Bronze and Silver for her membership levels.

Features are clearly displayed in two columns, and the bonuses stand out through the use of a contrasting color.

Give some thought to naming your price points. Branding your packages or products this way will get people excited and give them confidence in investing in your offer.

Call to action example 6: Pricing table design

Pricing table design includes things like showing a product or service package name.

I recommend you list the name at the top of the column, and then add all the features that are included in each of the price points. 

This is important: When you list features in each column, add the additional features to the bottom of the column that has more features — your higher-priced option.

A well-designed pricing table is a visual representation of the value of your higher-priced offer. 

call to action example PathfinderSEO pricing table

In the example above, you can see how Pathfinder SEO differentiates their three packages. 

The number of features doesn’t change a lot, but the content of the packages does. The amount of coaching, keyword queries, and tracked keywords go up considerably as you move from Standard, to Pro, to Pro Plus.

I use Pathfinder, by the way, and was interviewed by Pathfinder Marketing Director and SEO Coach Erik Wardell about how to test your service based business. You can watch the interview on my YouTube channel.

When designing your pricing table, it’s smart to include a regular price, and then the actual price that your customer will pay. This is called anchor pricing, and don’t be afraid to use it. 

Give people a higher regular price, and then show them that they don’t need to pay that much.

One way to do this visually is to add a strikethrough on the regular price and to bold or highlight the actual price to make it stand out, like in the example below. You can see how clean, visually arresting elements enhance your overall sales page design.

Call to action example of strikethrough on anchor price next to offer price.

Call to action example 7: Testimonials

Testimonials are an integral part of any sales page design. But did you know they can also serve as an indirect call to action?

They highlight the results your clients have experienced. Pair your testimonials with a call to action. Your prospects will be encouraged to take action after seeing the positive impact your service or product had on your previous clients.

Here’s how to use a testimonial as a call to action:

Incorporate results-driven testimonials strategically — where they’ll make the greatest impression on your prospects.

For instance, here’s a testimonial from a longtime client that appears on my marketing advisor page:

“A good coach provides clarity and direction. A great coach goes deeper and boldly tells you what other coaches will not. Pamela has been that coach for me and my business. I trust her immensely to tell me what I need to hear.”

Greg GrayFounder, Gray University

Immediately following this testimonial, include a call to action. In this example, I include a form to schedule a call.

Depending on your offer, you could have a button that says, “Get Started Now.”

By pairing powerful testimonials with a clear call to action phrases, you’re encouraging your prospects to envision the transformation your offer can provide.

Wrapping it up

Armed with these seven powerful call to action examples, you’re now prepared to craft compelling, conversion-centric call to action phrases and a powerful sales page design that will drive your prospects to hit that Buy Now button.

Whether you’re redesigning your sales page or starting from scratch, remember to prioritize your call to action copy and design. They are the two most crucial elements that will make or break your sales page conversion rates.

Pro tip: You might want to take a break before you work on the call to action section of your sales page design. You can even create it on a separate day so you can give your CTA your full energy and attention. 

Don’t forget to test, tweak, and optimize your call to action phrases and design to maximize your results.

The next time you’re finishing up the process of writing your sales page, fire up this post for call to action examples you can use to boost your conversions.

Pamela Wilson

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