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There has never been a better time to build a business online

I believe (and always have) that taking action is what leads to success.

Now more than ever, taking the right action can give you back a sense of control.

Having something to work toward — something that represents a brighter future — can be an anchor that keeps you feeling steady and pulls you through difficult days.

Pamela Wilson coaches people in midlife to build profitable online businesses

I’ll help you build a profitable online business, step-by-step. You’ve got this!

I’m Pamela Wilson. I serve people in mid-career as a devoted business coach and online educator. I founded my business in 1992 and have had a successful online business since 2010.

I’m an author, speaker, and award-winning marketer.

My perspective is different — I arrived late in life to the online business world and brought my offline business experience to the table.

It took me years to figure out how to build and run a successful online business.

My goal is to shorten your journey by teaching you my simple approach to online business building. I’ll show you how to work toward your goals with focus and clarity.

 You can get started for free! Read on …

Follow a proven process and go from wishful thinker to confident, accomplished online business owner


Free Focus Finder Quiz

focus finderEveryone should start here.

This free quiz will help you accurately identify your business building stage. It’s the first step toward clarity!

When you know the stage you’re in, you can ignore 75% of the online content and promotions you see because you just don’t need them.

Add your email list at the end and get a roadmap that will help guide you.

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Free Online Business Success Roadmap

roadmapYou’ll go further faster with a roadmap. 

The Online Business Success Roadmap will show you the most important milestones you need to aim for in the business building stage you’re in right now.

Keep it nearby so you stay on track with every step of your online business building journey.

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Grow Your Business in The BIG League

big leagueBuild an online business you love with a step-by-step process.

The BIG League is a comprehensive training program for people who are in the early stages of online business building.

You get instant access to 65+ training courses — all at a very affordable price.

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Hit Publish and Build Profits in The Content Lab

content labMaster the art and science of content marketing to build your online profits.

Content marketing is how you attract an audience — and it’s a skill anyone can learn.

The Content Lab shows you how to create content that leads directly to profits for your online business.

Learn more now in the Content Profit Formula workshop: it’s free!

Free workshop: The Content Profit Formula


Use Visual Marketing to Promote Your Online Business

image labThe internet is a visual space — don’t get left behind!

Learn to use images to grab and hold attention on your website, in your email marketing, on social media platforms, in live presentations, and more.

The Image Lab walks you through the visual marketing process, from choosing an image to customizing it using low cost, easy-to-use image editing software.

Learn how it’s done for free!

✅ Free Workshop: The Easy Way to Create Stunning Branded Images
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What People Say

Pamela Wilson has served online business builders since 2010 — and people are talking.

“Pamela’s effective Plan & Grow BIG system helps you overcome the overwhelm that many new business owners face. By following her roadmap and advice, you can make real progress on your business and you'll start to see results, too. ”
A man showing a book, Olle Lindholm
Olle Lindholm
“Pamela knows how to walk anyone who is building an online business through the stages of doing that without overwhelm. ... she remembers what it’s like to dare to dream of something you want to do and then summon the courage to do it. Her courses lead students step-by-step.”
A person wearing glasses and smiling at the camera, Debbie Sellman
Debbie Sellman
“Pamela’s unique gift is her ability to collapse rather daunting issues into small bites that you can easily digest and then put into action. ... this means that the ‘stuff’ I used to find confusing and daunting now seems completely doable.”
A woman wearing glasses and smiling at the camera
Jan Weel
“I love Pamela’s calm, reassuring, easy-going manner, as well as her sense of play! ... she assumes that many people are starting from square one and provides the complete steps they need.”
A woman smiling for the camera, Barbara Stafford
Barbara Stafford
“I needed continual focus in order to build my business in the most profitable direction. Pamela has provided the wise input I’ve needed to stay on track.”
A man wearing glasses and smiling at the camera, Steve Woodruff
Steve Woodruff
“Your approach of building an online business in stages makes so much sense. I'm sorting through the clamor, focusing, making decisions and taking actions towards building a solid business.”
A person who is smiling and looking at the camera, Barbara Peterson
Barbara Peterson
“Pamela taught me the process of how to create and iterate my MVP and how to get paid while crafting it — by delivering it. It’s a lifelong business skill that I’ll continue to use forever. I would not have done it any other way. With Pamela’s help, it was faster, less stressful, more effective — and WAY less work.”
A woman smiling for the camera, Abby Roaquin
Abby Roaquin
“It felt like Pamela was pulling away the curtain and showing me the behind-the-scenes skills. It was no longer a mystery to me.”
A man wearing glasses and smiling at the camera
Don Allen
“I took another branding course and at the end still didn’t get it. This is the absolute best in my opinion and has helped me, a non-techie, enormously. Pamela herself is very gracious, knowledgeable and extremely helpful. I highly recommend this course for any business!”
A woman wearing glasses and smiling at the camera, Phyllis Amaral
Phyllis Amaral