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Design Bloopers: Only the Shadow Knows

A group of chess pawns forming a circle and casting their shadows

I can spot it a mile away, and after this post, I hope you can, too. It’s the mark of an amateur who is dabbling in design. What gives them away?

They lurk in the (drop) shadows.

Drop that shadow, and take your hands off that mouse!

Drop shadows are one of those graphic “tricks” that people are drawn to like moths to a light bulb. The downside of drop shadows is that they give type or objects a fuzzy edge, and they make text very hard to read.

There are a few very limited times when drop shadows can be useful, however.

It’s much easier to show you, so watch this quick video:


When not  to use drop shadows

  • If your text or object is dark, and is sitting on a light or medium-toned background, don’t add a drop shadow.

When drop shadows are handy

  • If you need to add contrast between your text or object and the background it is sitting on, a drop shadow might help.

Check the video for specific examples. You’ll see with your own eyes how adding a drop shadow can ruin perfectly good text, and an example of when a drop shadow can be helpful.

Still in the dark? Drop shadows add contrast. If you don’t need contrast, skip the drop shadow!

Pamela Wilson

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