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Does This Font Make Me Look Fat?

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You may not like the way those jeans fit you, but your fonts? Don’t worry: we can do something about your fonts!

Everyone knows that to look good in your clothes, you have to pick the right styles for your body type.

It’s no different with fonts. To pick a great font for your business, you have to know who you expect to read it, and how you plan to use it.

If you’re not happy with the image your fonts are reflecting, read on to find out how to pick some that will be a perfect fit for the style you want your business to convey.

Who’s going to read it?

Marketing and design decisions should begin with the end in mind. That means that as much as you may love a specific typeface, this decision isn’t about you.

It’s about your ideal customer.

Put yourself in the shoes of the person who will interact with your font before you choose one. What do you know about your ideal customer? For example:

  • If they’re over 35, use a larger point size and an open, easy-to-read font.
  • If they’re avid readers, they may be used to serif fonts. Keep them comfortable by choosing a style they’re familiar with.
  • If they consume a lot of online media, sans-serif fonts may look more streamlined to them.

Spend some time thinking about the person you want to communicate with, their challenges, and what they already read before you start looking at typeface styles.

How much text will you have?

If you have a lot of text to convey, readability is crucial. It’s one thing to pick a fancy font to use for an occasional headline or a few words, but if you have a big block of text, your goal should be to make it readable, not fancy.

You need to consider more than just size, too. The most readable letter forms have a large x-height. Read more about x-height and size here.

What personality do you want to convey?

Letter forms have a style, and you want to be sure your brand personality is reflected in that style. Read more about brand personality here.

Once you know what style you want to convey, you can narrow down the fonts that will work.

Know your type

If you keep these tips in mind, your fonts will be a great reflection of your business. Not because you like them, but because they’re a perfect match for your ideal customer.

Question of the week

Do you find it hard to imagine what fonts and colors will appeal to your ideal customer? Let’s talk about it in the comments!

Pamela Wilson

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