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Trying to Make Passive Income? Here’s One Powerful Reason You Should Stop

If you’re on a mission to make passive income, I’ve got news for you. Passive income dreams actually encourage burnout. 

I have seen too many super smart people chase the passive income myth. They try for years to make it work. But they’re never able to make passive income at a pace that provides a good living.

Today I’ll share a much better way to make money online.

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When I say “trying to make passive income encourages burnout,” it sounds like blasphemy to many online business owners.

Some people say that passive income is the whole reason that they built an online business. 

Or they say, “I want to work less, not more. I only want to make passive income.” 

Or they wave that 4-Hour Workweek book in my face and say, “What about a four-hour work week, Pamela? That’s the whole reason that I got into this online business game.” 

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Illustration of unicorn to symbolize the make passive income myth.

Busting the passive income myth

It’s not impossible to make a great living with passive income. A tiny percentage of people are able to do it. For some reason, those passive income unicorns seem to be the noisiest people online. 

Not everyone can keep up that kind of pace. Not everyone wants to.

The reason I believe that passive income for everyone is a myth is simple: 

In order to make passive income, you have to sell your offer constantly.

You’ve got to get that product or service in front of people — a lot of people.

That’s burnout territory.

Still think it’s easy to make passive income?

It’s a myth, my friend. There’s a better way.

The smart way to make money online

Now let’s talk about the high-value approach to making money online.

Build a high-value offer — an offer where your goal is to transform the lives of a select number of customers.

Like the “make passive income” gurus promise, you can work when and how you want. 

But let’s be clear: building a high-value offer is not “passive.” 

It’s better

So how does it work?

Graphic with a blue background, green check mark and text: Create a high-value offer.

If you’ve done any amount research on building an online business, you’re probably drowning in information. 

You might have learned a lot of rules about funnels, or maybe you studied complex launch formulas.

It’s hard to leave those ideas behind, especially if they came with the promise that you could make passive income. 

Building a high-value offer is so much simpler and so much more profitable than a low-value, passive income offer.

Here’s why:

When you build an offer that’s about delivering high value to your customers, you’re focused on serving your customer’s needs first.

Note that I’m saying “high-value” and not “high-ticket.” High-ticket offers put your bank account balance as your top priority.

That’s not the way we do things around here. 

Do you know how many people have told me, “I work with you, Pamela, because I can tell that you care.” That is the best compliment I could ever dream of hearing! I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve heard it.

I think people tell me that because they can tell I really want them to be successful. 

Figure out how to deliver true transformation to your customers and they’ll see that you genuinely want them to succeed. 

Photo of a man with a beard and glasses working on a laptop.

More importantly, when you know how to market the transformation you deliver, you’ll also be able to attract the exact right customers who need what you do.

And yes, if you really love to put together funnels and run launches, you can still do that! But you don’t have to if you don’t want to.

Build a framework you’re known for

As you’re developing a high value-offer, I recommend you create a simple and easy-to-understand framework that helps you to deliver transformation.

A framework makes it much easier to talk about your high-value offer — and to sell it. 

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Prsopects can tell when you have a solid plan for helping them.

Prospects can clearly see how you will help them. Your framework inspires them to pull out their credit cards so they can start working with you. 

My clients oftentimes resist creating these frameworks because they seem like a lot of work.

They’ll say, “Every time I help someone it’s different. I don’t have a consistent framework that I use.” But I still push them to create a general framework that describes the steps they use. 

There’s almost always a basic process to the way that you help people.

A framework is simply a way to describe the process you use when you deliver transformation.

A framework — even a simple one — is your reliable, repeatable process. Within that framework you still have the flexibility you need to work with individual customers’ needs. 

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Graphic with blue background, circle with an X in it, and text: I don't recommend a "high-ticket" offer.

Build a high-value offer, not a high-ticket offer

  • Are you ready to leap out of bed in the morning because you love your work and your clients?
  • Are you ready to step away from convoluted funnel building?
  • Are you ready to say goodbye to the fatigue that comes from launching an offer over and over?

Here’s what I propose: Invest a little extra effort to build a high-value offer that delivers true transformation, and that uses a framework to deliver that transformation. 

I’ve been a marketer for 35 years now, and I’ve devoted 12 of those years to teaching online business. 

If you’re an expert in your field, here’s what I don’t recommend: I don’t recommend that you create a “high-ticket” offer because high-ticket offers focus on what you’re going to charge, rather than what you’re going to deliver. 

Your prospects can smell the difference. 

Photo of woman with her dark hair in a ponytail, working on a laptop at a desk that's in her kitchen. A range and microwave are visible in the background.

Put customer transformation first

When you build a high-value offer, I don’t recommend a specific format like coaching, or courses, or services, because honestly, the delivery mechanism is irrelevant. 

You need to think about the transformation you’re going to deliver first. 

Once you know what transformation you’ll deliver, you can figure out how you’re going to deliver it. 

You won’t make passive income this way.

When you have a high-value offer, you’re going to love serving your amazing clients. You’ll do some of the most fulfilling work of your life. 

It’s not a way to make passive income at all — it’s active income in the best possible way.

Here’s how to make passive income a laughable dream, and replace it with work you actually enjoy doing:

Create a high-value offer that changes your client’s lives — that builds your authority, and inspires glowing testimonials from the customers that you help. 

Build a framework for your high-value offer so it’s easy to talk about and promote because your framework makes your offer easy to explain. 

Work when and how you want. A high-value offer can generate $10,000 to $20,000 in monthly profits. 

You know what feels like passive income? 

  • When you love the time that you’re working 
  • When you’re very well paid for it
  • When you can work when it works for you

Your online business can make a real impact

Here’s a simple question to ask yourself: 

Did you decide to learn how to build an online business to make an impact — an impact on your life and on your client’s lives? 

That kind of impact isn’t going to happen with a pie-in-the-sky, make passive income scheme. 

Instead, what I recommend that you try is an active approach to income. 

Build a high value-offer — an offer that delivers true transformation with a simple framework. 

It’s the opposite of what most gurus teach, and that’s probably why people have told me I’m the UN-guru. 

That’s why I’m in business — your success is a top priority for me. That’s why I recommend that people with expertise in their fields build high-value offers.

High-value offers make a BIG impact.

Instead of being stuck on the hamster wheel of constant audience-building, endless promotions, and expensive ads, you work with a small list of top-notch customers.

If you’re ready to embrace active income with work that you love and are well compensated for, here’s what you should do next: Visit to find out more about you and I can work together to build your high-value, active income offer. 

Pamela Wilson

Pamela Wilson is the Chief Marketing Officer at DCS. She’s the creator of the Offer Accelerator Program. Learn more about Pamela’s content marketing books, and read reviews of the tools used to run this site.
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