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How to Build the Perfect Online Business as a Coach

Candy hearts with text How to Build the Perfect Online Business for Your Current Life

You’ve established a coaching business. You want it to be the perfect online business.

But do you ever feel like your to-do list is in perpetual motion?

You add an item. You check an item off. You add another item. You check another item off.

Your list never actually shrinks.

If anything, it seems to grow every week!

You’ve run out of hours in the day, and have demand from clients.

You can’t make more money because you’re maxed out on the time you have to sell.

Four Simple Ways to Create Your Perfect Online Business

By the time you hit mid-career you bring a ton of skills to the table. You have business expertise and life skills that serve you and your customers very well.

There are simple ways to generate revenue in a coaching business with the skills you already have. Watch this video to learn about four online business ideas. One of them might just be your perfect online business!

And good news — a couple of these ideas require very little technology, so you can get started right away.

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Online business — the college major with the ever-changing graduation requirements

If you’ve hung around these parts long enough, you’ve heard me say it:

Learning to build an online business is like choosing a college major where the graduation requirements change every single year.

Personally, I find this rather invigorating. It keeps me on my toes and obligates me to learn new things constantly.

When you build a coaching business, you’ll discover it’s an ever-changing field. When you move from offline to online business, the speed of change accelerates.

What worked well just two years ago may not work the same way now. You must stay awake and aware of the industry you’re a part of in order to harness the power of what’s effective today.

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Whether you see it as a pro or a con, the need to update your knowledge constantly means you have to divide your attention between what’s on your to-do list and the new tactics you need to learn about and try.

But let’s take a step back and think about why you’re doing this in the first place … to create your perfect online business.

Why your personal goals matter to your success

Here’s the thing —

I am building a coaching business as I am living my life.

The two are interwoven for me, and they are for you, too.

That’s why it’s absolutely crucial that you:

  • Build a business that matters to you personally — I call this getting in touch with your BIG motivation.
  • Create a work schedule that sustains you — there’s no sense burning yourself out so much that can’t enjoy the success you earn.
  • Schedule downtime and stick to it — all work and no play makes for a dull, defeated business owner. Give yourself regular breaks.

It’s all much easier to do when you have a way to chop down that ever-growing to-do list into a fraction of what it was.

How about it we take 75% of your to-dos off your plate?

Take it one step at a time with Plan & Grow BIG

Back in 2017, I developed an approach to online business building that I tested with my private coaching clients.

They loved it.

As a matter of fact, because I coach by video, I was able to witness the moment when the weight was lifted from their shoulders.

They looked lighter. Relieved. Happy.

That’s when I knew I was on to something.

These amazing people were building their perfect online business.

So I built out the concepts and started teaching them to anyone who would listen.

The approach I created is called Plan & Grow BIG.

Plan & Grow BIG recognizes an important truth.

[click_to_tweet tweet=”Building a successful online business happens in distinct stages. And — surprise! — you only need to focus on the stage you’re in.” quote=”Building a successful online business happens in distinct stages. And — surprise! — you only need to focus on the stage you’re in.”]

To help you cut your to-do list down to size, I’ve created my “one-page wonder,” the Online Business Roadmap. This single page maps out the exact steps to building a powerful online business using my Plan & Grow BIG approach.

Print it out and keep it by your side — it will help keep you focused on what needs to happen right now.

More importantly, it will help you ignore what’s not important during the stage you’re in.

Welcome to a much shorter to-do list, my friend.

How will you use all the extra time you’re going to have?

Yours Free: Revenue Revolution

Revenue Revolution by Pamela Wilson: Free Resource

A Guide to Large-Scale Revenue from a Small-Scale Audience. Ready for real online business success? Register below:

Editor’s note: This post was originally published January, 2019 and has been updated with new information.

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