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4 Powerful Coaching Questions for the New Year

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We’ve been on the topic of coaching questions here on the blog for the last couple of weeks. We spoke about asking good questions, and how asking the right question is an important part of finding a good solution to your challenges.

Before we leave this topic, I want to share some powerful coaching questions you can ask yourself as you look ahead and make plans for the new year.

To start, here’s a question my good friend Karyn Greenstreet encouraged me to ask myself recently.

Coaching Question #1: What did I accomplish this year?

Karyn recommends that before you start making plans for the year ahead, you should first make a list of everything you accomplished in the current year.

So much of what we do as business owners depends on our mindset. What better mindset to have going into a new year than one of confidence due to our achievements?

You might be thinking, “But I haven’t done much this year!” Do this exercise anyway.

Once you get started, you’ll remember all sorts of accomplishments — personal and business — that you can add to your list.

These don’t have to be accomplishments that would get you featured in Inc Magazine. Seemingly small things can make a big difference.

Remember, too, that you have so many skills you take many of them for granted!

Spend as much time as you need to create a thorough list of all you’ve accomplished this year. When you’re done, take a good look at it, congratulate yourself, and move on to Coaching Question #2.

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Coaching Question #2: What do I want to accomplish next year?

Once you’ve listed your accomplishments, work on your broad goals for the year ahead.

Maybe you have a lot of goals, or maybe they’re so large and scary you feel like backing away from them before you’ve even started.

My recommendation is to ask yourself this question about what you want to accomplish in the year ahead: “What would I be upset to not accomplish next year?”

When you begin to prioritize, that list will be a lot less scary.

Hone in on these absolute must-accomplish goals, then move on to Coaching Question #3.

Coaching Question #3: What do I want to accomplish in the first quarter of next year?

Once you have your overall goals in mind, get realistic. Think about the first quarter of the year only, and decide what you’ll accomplish then.

Since the first quarter of the year is almost here, look ahead in your calendar. You may already have personal and professional commitments penciled in during these months. Take them into account as you decide what you’ll focus on at the start of the year.

The idea here is to not overwhelm yourself with too many plans, which can lead to inertia. Be realistic about what you’ll accomplish, then move on to Coaching Question #4.

Coaching Question #4: What do I want to accomplish next month?

Once you know what you want to get done next quarter, take a look at January alone, and make plans for that month only.

Here’s where you can get very specific. What do you want to accomplish each week?

Break down your goals into specific tasks. Give yourself no more than three major tasks to accomplish each day.

Allow for downtime, and for time to socialize, take care of yourself, and stay healthy.

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It’ll make noting and tracking your goals easy (and fun!)

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6 thoughts on “4 Powerful Coaching Questions for the New Year”

  1. I love the way this breaks down Pamela and especially asking ourselves what we accomplished this year. It forces you to sit and think for a moment and either realize you haven’t accomplished as much as you thought you did or you accomplished way more than you thought you did or would!

    My goal this last month was to find an editorial calendar that worked for me. I keep a lot of notes in Evernote with post ideas so I am never at a loss for something to write about.

    I organized a lot of post ideas into regular categories and am spreading them out on the calendar. Some will turn into posts, some maybe into ebooks (or both)! We’ll see, haven’t finished planning quite yet!

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed this, Marianne!

      Love the idea of planning ahead with your content. If you’re on WordPress, there’s a great plugin called WordPress Editorial Calendar that’s a big help: you can map out your posts over weeks and months and create draft posts that are ready for you to start writing into.

  2. I have already answered two of these questions: what I accomplished this year and what I want to accomplish next month.

    I haven’t fully planned the year yet. My main goal is to establish/develop my upcoming blog, then start working on my Kindle and niche sites projects, then start offering writings services, probably by the end of next year. Lot of things for next year, but possible. The mistakes I made in the past will definitely help.

    I might need to be a little more specific about my general goals (Set deadlines and so forth).

    Anyways, thank you for sharing this, Pamela šŸ™‚ I have been focusing too much on launching the blog that I forgot to properly plan my goals.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

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