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4 Powerful Questions That Help Coaches Make More Money

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Sometimes coaches need coaching, especially when you want to increase the profits in your business. I have four powerful questions that help coaches increase their revenue — without burning out.

As a coach, you know the importance of asking good questions, and how asking the right question is an important part of finding a good solution to your challenges.

Below are crucial coaching questions you can use as you build your practice — and make more money.

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Coaching Question #1: Are you out of time to sell?

If you’ve maxed out your schedule, it’s tough to make more money in your coaching practice.

Taking on more clients is a recipe for burnout.

This is a big coaching question if you want to increase your revenue.

If you’re currently offering 1:1 coaching, you can think about a group coaching program — if your clients are willing and able to participate.

This solution works better for business coaches than coaches who deal with more personal issues. Some clients simply aren’t comfortable opening up in a group setting.

If you currently do group coaching, you can move to exclusive, 1:1 sessions and charge more for your time.

Spend as much time as you need to think this through. Then you can move on to Coaching Question #2. 

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Coaching Question #2: Are you charging enough?

Losing sight of the depth of your expertise is a common stumbling block for entrepreneurs who want to make more money. It’s not just a problem for coaches.

It’s easy to forget how much value you bring to the table when you use your heard-earned skills every day. 

But your clients recognize your value. You provide transformation that can change lives.

Before you decide you can’t possibly make more money with your current client base, I have an extra question:

Look at the customer you’re serving — can you find people who are happy to pay more for your solution?

I’m betting you can.

If you need help charging more, I have a free resource for you.

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Coaching Question #3: What’s your favorite thing about working as a coach?

Great coaches don’t enter the field just to make more money than they did in their previous jobs or businesses.

You’re doing it because you want to serve your clients. You want to help them meet — and conquer — their challenges.

So think about what you love most about your coaching practice. It will help you hone your marketing messages, which will attract the kind of client you most want to work with.

When you focus on the part of your coaching that lights you up, it can generate ideas that will help you build your business, make more money, and provide the positive impact that makes you a leader in your field.

Now let’s move on to Coaching Question #4, which might be very enlightening.

Coaching Question #4: What’s the thing you like least about your coaching practice?

The answer to this might be the key to growing your coaching practice without burning you out.

And it might make any uncertainty about raising your rates disappear.

Every business owner has things that the love and things that they don’t.

For coaches, burnout is a common problem. You might already be thinking that you work so much you don’t have time for a life.

There are ways to grow and evolve as a coach that allows you to increase your revenue, and to give yourself more time to enjoy things outside your business that matter to you.

Sound good? Grab my free resource to help you grow your coaching business the smart way.

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Editor’s note: This post was originally published December 18, 2013, and has been updated with new information.

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