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Write Once, Sell Many Times: eBooks, and How to Create Your Own for Free

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Open your own online bookstore this week

brand marketing with ebooksI love eBooks. They’re portable, don’t waste paper, and are easy to produce and distribute.

I also love that they have democratized publishing: no more looking for an agent and negotiating a contract so you can share your knowledge. The process has been reduced to:

  1. Sit down and write your eBook
  2. Create a PDF version of it
  3. Load it up on a website to share, and tell the world about it

You can sell eBooks, or simply use them to spread ideas. Either way, they’re powerful tools for getting your message out into the world.

Last June Kelly Kingman and I launched eBook Evolution, our complete toolkit for writing, creating and marketing eBooks. [This product is now off the market: thanks for your interest!]

She already offered Sticky eBooks Formula, a great resource for would-be eBook authors.

On my own, I had developed customizable eBook templates using open source (free) software — but they were only available to people who took the course I created that ran at the same time.

Better together

branding strategy works when we join forces

We realized if we brought these two pieces together, and added information about marketing eBooks, we’d have a complete kit that would enable people to take eBook creation into their own hands.

Since eBook Evolution launched, we regularly receive emails with feedback from people who are using it to write, create and launch their eBooks.

Sometimes they even attach a sample of their work: we love to see that!

Editor’s note: eBook Evolution is now off the market. Thanks for your interest.

Pamela Wilson

Pamela Wilson is the Chief Marketing Officer at DCS. She’s the creator of the Offer Accelerator Program. Learn more about Pamela’s content marketing books, and read reviews of the tools used to run this site.
Pamela Wilson coaches people in midlife to build profitable online businesses
I’m Pamela Wilson

In 2010, at the age of 45, I started this site and grew it into a business that offers freedom, flexibility — and consistent revenue.

47 thoughts on “Write Once, Sell Many Times: eBooks, and How to Create Your Own for Free”

  1. You guys have a really awesome product there that looks like it makes creating and publishing an ebook about as simple as it could possibly be. I know there is still work involved but having everything you need to do the work all in one place makes a huge difference. Sort of like working on a car, if you keep having to go to the store to get different tools it becomes a long painful process, but if you have the tools you need all in one place, it definitely takes some effort, but you can get it done with out all the distractions of running all over the place.

    The book I want to write is going to be based on helping small businesses get started with getting found online, whether it is Google, Facebook, Bing or any of the other myriad of places to be found. I consult these businesses and get paid well to get them found, but not everyone can afford my services. If I can release an ebook or even self publish it and sell it for a lower price point, I think it would be a big help to the businesses that can’t afford to hire me to do it for them. I am constantly giving those smaller businesses free advice but I only have so much time in a day so if I can put most of the advice in a single location I think it would benefit them as well as myself.

  2. Would love to win a copy of your How To eBook! I’ve got a couple of ideas brewing. One would be to expand on my Entrepreneur’s Manifesto (Be a Chef, Not a Cook); using the posts I’ve written so far, and building on them with worksheets, etc. The other is a bigger, hairier goal of putting together a self-study course kind of like ProBlogger’s 31 Days to a Better Blog. I’m teaching an online course right now and developing tons of great content that could ultimately end up being a nice info product.

  3. I have an idea for a series of travel e-books rolling around in my head for over a year. A few months ago I started putting the idea into words and onto paper. And then it stopped. I got about half-way finished and pulled up short because it hit me that I had no clue what I was doing. I’ve got all sorts of excuses to not finish, but winning this would force me to confront what is merely fear and get the first book out of my head and into the universe.

  4. I like eBook Evolution because it offers simple and easy to use methods, which will help me to design and market my eBooks. I am a brand new web entrepreneur and have no idea about writing eBook and then marketing it. But now I know that I am not alone and I can write something and launch it confidently. Unlike the other EBook creating products in the market, your kit has all the right tools to write, create, and launch. Your templates are smart tools for people like me who love writing but have difficulty with design.

    I hope to follow your guidelines and create my first professional product in health niche that I could be proud of.

    Thank you

  5. Gosh this sounds such a fantastic concept; I love how you have put both these ideas together and come up with the entire package.

    I’ve been procrastinating about writing an ebook for a couple of years now. It’s not the writing (I have writers diarrhea, not writers block LOL!) but it’s about the technology of putting it all together plus the design of it. I can create and design with a mixing bowl and some flour in the kitchen, not in any other way, especially on the computer. Then of course there is the marketing; which I’m scared of and put up all sorts of barriers over.

    Then throw into the mix, that like you wrote above, I’m a control freak – I don’t want someone else doing it for me. It all adds up to a whole load of procrastination!

    So the fact you have this ‘out of the box’ solution which includes customisable templates (yay!) is getting my creative juices flowing again because suddenly it all feels manageable. I’ve had several free ebook ideas I want to create and then I want to launch one that will make me a little money – enough to cover running costs of my sites would be fantastic.

    My genre is green and eco friendly. I have ideas for ‘use it up!’ meals to help prevent food waste (and save money) and I get asked all sorts of questions all the time on general green living, so I’d like to compile a book of FAQs to empower people to make positive lifestyle choices.
    I also have SEO and social media knowledge (diverse me!) which people ask me about all the time and again I’d like to write some freebies then a product launch with a hope of turning it into a small business.

    Anyway, I LOVe, LOVE, LOVE worksheets; I find them so helpful, so am super excited they are included; add to that a money back guarantee and seriously ladies; what’s not to love – you are genius!

    I’m intrigued by “the oyster method” – what on earth is that? I guess it’s turning something irritating and annoying into something beautiful?

  6. What a fabulous resource! I LOVE the fact that you not only address design (the part that frightens me the most), but topic choice, writing style, marketing, and the really scary psychological stuff about resistance, fear and insecurity. I’ve been thinking about starting an online business for so many years, and now that I’m finally ready, here comes this book! Talk about the teacher being available when you’re ready…

    What would I do with this resource? I am battling the lizard-brain resistance that Seth Godin talks about in Linchpin to develop a business to help people not only discover their skills, strengths, weaknesses and physical, emotional and spiritual needs, but build their lives in a way that they can honor and follow them. (In other words, not “find your dream job”, but live according to your values and priorities and get the strength to deal with the stuff you hate but have to do, like taxes and in-laws.) (Needless to say, I’m my first customer! )

    I would be thrilled to receive a copy of Ebook Evolution, as it is exactly the tool I need right now to help me launch my business. Thank you for this opportunity, and I pray that you be as blessed as you are blessing others.


  7. This book seems to be getting more popular recently. Maybe it’s just me, but I heard about it recently through a podcast and I’ve wanted to get it for a while.

    It’s great to see that this program can work for people who want to sell their eBooks and those who just want to give something away to their readers.

    I’m a very new blogger and my #1 goal is to just connect with people out there and enjoy creating something really cool online that I can call my own. With that being said, I never plan to sell the eBook that I’m planning to write.

    Just a little about myself: I started a video game blog very recently and I have some great ideas for eBook guides for certain video games. The sort of twist that I want to add in ALL of my work, is self-improvement. I’m a big believer in doing everything in life with a purpose, and becoming a better person is one way that I like to do that.

    Thanks for offering your book to so many people and I’m glad to see you guys are very successful.


  8. I’ve had my eye on eBook Evolution since you first announced it, because it looks like an AMAZING product. Sadly, I promised myself I wouldn’t purchase anymore info products until I went through the ones I’ve already got… which turns out to be more than I’d realized!

    eBook Evolution looks like an incredible resource for people like me, who are brimming with ideas and the desire to share them with the world, but who also maybe need a little help getting them out there 😉 I’ve thought of just putting together an ebook myself, but design is such an important part of making something that ‘sticks’ and has impact, and I just can’t bring myself to ‘throw together’ a pdf and call it good!

    The ebook I have in mind has actually been percolating for awhile, to the point where I’m in the process of turning the content into a class! It’s called ‘The Essential Elements of Happinnes (and what they mean to the success of your business!)’ It’s designed to help creative entrepreneurs identify what they need to feel happy and successful, and then how to use that information to navigate through the overwhelming choices that face them (in life and in business). I’m really excited to be working on it, and would be so excited to turn it into something beautiful that would have a lasting impression on people!

    Love that you’re doing this, and can’t wait to hear what other awesome ideas people have for ebooks! 🙂

  9. Yay! I love ebooks too. And real, tangible paper books as well…

    As I have begun to understand the need to have products that help me generate income beyond my fee- for-service work, I have finally embraced the concept of creating an ebook (or 2!) of my own. That realization – combined with transitioning into new work, launching my first website and wanting a give-away for people – led me to download some of the free giveaways you mentioned above. I looked thru the mini-design ebook, the evolution manifesto and the rest, downloaded OpenOffice and dove in. At the moment I’m about an hour’s worth of work away from being done and putting that sucker up on my website!

    For me this has required me to do the hard personal work of digging down thru the layers of fear, resistance and old belief systems that told me that I should keep quiet, that I don’t have anything important enough to say or will be rejected. I welcome this because I’m devoted to my own personal growth and to helping other women on that path.

    I’d love to have a copy of the whole toolkit! Now that I’ve made the leap I can only imagine how much easier (and faster!) the process will be having such in-depth support. Regardless, thanks for providing the knowledge base needed by those of working to find our voice and share our truth with others.

    Gratefully –

  10. I am already a proud owner of ebook evolution. I decided to chime in because I’d love to gift a copy to a good writer friend of mine who is a bit strapped for cash and has many important ideas that need to see the light of day. Ebook evolution would be perfect for her, as it has been for me, and here’s why:

    * it’s easy to use. It’s CRAZY easy to use. Following the clear instructions, I downloaded OpenOffice and had my ebook template open and ready to go in under an hour.

    * it’s beautiful to look at and inspiring. This is important to me…the product itself walks its talk. Because it’s pretty and well-designed, it makes me want to use it more.

    * it takes away all the worries about format and design. I can spend HOURS agonizing over a margin, or a font size, or whathaveyou. It’s important to me that everything I produce is elegant, effective and professional. With the templates, that is all taken care of for me. And if I want to change something in the template to suit my style better, I can do that! In fact, I already did.

    * the ebook sticky formula could not be better written to get you off your tush. I wrote about 60% of my ebook in two days. Crazy productivity, inspired by the clear directions and ideas Kelly offers. It’s like having your own personal writing coach. Her steps are clear and easy to follow…and they work!

    *the launch guide should be its own product, it’s so freaking helpful. I am currently in the middle of my first launch and absolutely delighted that I have Kelly’s structure and suggestions to guide me through the process. I’m actually having fun!

    I feel tremendously lucky to have entered the ebook world with ebook evolution in hand. I can’t even imagine the challenges of doing this all on my own — and I never will.

    Thank you, Pamela and Kelly. You’ve created a kick-ass product, and I think everyone should have one.

  11. It looks great. I’m planning a home-study version of a course I’ve been running with a colleague. I’ve created e-books before and used Open Office (mostly because their export to PDF function is fabulous) but design is not my thing at all and that’s the bit that’s scaring me. I like the idea of templates but worry that they’ll appear to cookie cutter.

    The e-book would take as it’s outline the outline of the tele-class and include worksheets based on the homework we provided to people in the class. I think we’d need more directive content as well as ideas for contributing to conversations in the companion online forum.

  12. The eBook Evolution looks like a foolproof method, easy to follow, quick to get results. Perfect for all newbies like me in with a certain lack of computer skills.

  13. eBook Evolution is the equivalent of “e-Books for Dummies.” E-books are a powerful way to build a platform, and eBook Evolution would make that task less daunting. Whenever undertaking a new way of presenting your idea, there’s a big learning curve. I like the idea of having e-Book Evolution prevent the thoughts of, “Since it was my first e-Book I didn’t know that I should have. . .”

    As a non-fiction writer and speaker, I’ve worked hard to build a platfrom. Writing an e-book is one of my next steps in that process. I’d love to win an eBook Evolution to help me reach that goal in a professional way.

  14. I have so many books inside me that I want to write and think that the eBook Evolution is just what I need! I write for a living but would like to have more of a writer’s presence online. Again eBook Evolution sounds like the answer.

  15. I love the idea behind ebook evolution. I have clients all the time who ask me how to publish an ebook and I’ve published one myself. I will use your program to re-publish and update my current book on how to start your own t-shirt business. And I will also recommend ebook evolution to all my clients who ask me how to publish their own ebooks!

  16. I think the product is AWESOME! I wanted to purchase it when it first came out–but the bank agreed with me that it would be better if I waited.
    eBook Evolution ‘then’ plus NSF fees = feeling of failure and angry bank.
    I am confident that the product is worth $147. So eBook Evolution ‘now’ plus happy bank = happy entrepreneur
    eBook Evolution minus having to transfer funds to pay for it = THRILLED entrepreneur!!!!

    I help businesses and individuals struggling with leadership issues or people problems in the workplace. What’s so unique about it is that we partner with HORSES (yes, I said horses) to help them discover their authentic leadership style and learn to adapt it so they communicate more clearly, think more creatively and lead more effectively. Then they get the results they are looking for in themselves and their people.

    I LOVE what I do and find it completely fascinating. And my clients love it, too. My challenge is that it’s so unique that hardly anyone even knows it exists–much less how totally POWERFUL it is.

    I would like to write an eBook that tells people how & why Equine Assisted Learning is so effective and how it can benefit them. I’ve got some wonderful stories of transformation and growth to share. I’ve even already started on the content a bit but sure could use some guidelines. And design!!! Yes–I need that, too! I’m too busy to reinvent the wheel. I want to be able to “plug & play” my eBook as much as possible. Thanks for creating such a fab ‘one-stop’ product!

    Pick me! Pick me! 🙂

  17. I really like the idea to package some themes that are beoynd a blog but not enough to write an actual book. I work with a popular Microsoft technology that I want to make available for not tech-savvy people. I’m driven to help people take their first staggering steps towards online marketing, online collaboration and a presence that makes other find them.

    Unfortunatly they aren’t so reachable, but that makes the rewards so much better.

    I’m a graphical idiot (ask anyone) and I really like working with systems where I don’t get distracted with all the nitty gritty details. I want to focus on what I got, what I’m good at.

    Part of this products speaks to me, other shouts to me. I love Pamela’s work. I don’t know the system but I’m hoping to win so I can try it out and make things happen.

  18. I love that this ebook breaks down how to create (not just create in the abstract, but the mechanics of how to put it together using open source software) great designs for non-designers. I’m a writing mentor, not a designer, so this is a huge help for me.

    My company, the Royston Writing Institute, actually has the content for two ebooks in production right now. One is a grammar guide for non-native English speakers, and the other is a guide to the college application essay process, complete with tons of sample essays. If they’re successful as ebooks, we plan to print them, but this is a critical first step for us.

  19. This product can make such a big difference in getting my message out to women cancer survivors. Although there is a lot of information on the Internet, when someone is diagnosed with a potentially fatal disease, they are so overwhelmed, they don’t have the energy to do the research.
    My first idea for the e-book is to provide the information as a survivor and cancer recovery coach, which the medical professionals may not provide, but could dramatically affect the choices the patients make.
    My second idea is to write an e-book to help cancer survivors get most out of their life.

  20. The eBook Evolution is a must for any information seller! It’s so hard for us to put anything of quality together because we’re so worried about every little thing, our brand, our business, our sales, our readers, etc. It seems to me like the eBook Evolution is not just “everything you need” but the “ONLY thing you need”. Your simple approach of write-create-launch takes a lot of everyone’s shoulders. It’s like wow, that simple? It’s not just the steps, but the exact order. Even just reading your sales page made me feel at ease at tackling on the challenge of an ebook.

    I’ve been meaning to create an ebook over the next 4 months and I can’t believe how much I don’t know about this. I started by writing onto Microsoft Word but then realized there were so many things I had to think about. My design was ugly, my content wasn’t organized. I kept thinking my style of writing wasn’t engaging enough to the reader. I’m not a photoshop pro and not even a writer. If your book can show someone as untalented and disorganized as me how to write an eBook, I’d say it’s easily worth the $147.

  21. This looks just like the kind of ebook on ebook writing I need. (Then why haven’t I bought it yet? I blame my empty credit card.) I like how this walks you through the complete process from brainstorming to launch and how it includes design. That’s the kind of completeness a lot more (e)books could use.

    I’m currently writing an ebook on worldbuilding (i.e. how to create the world for a fantasy or sf novel, game or movie). Now especially fantasy has gotten a bit of a bad rap lately, mostly because half the novels on the makret look the same, and there aren’t many (e)books on the topic around. So I want to make it the best damn ebook on the market that really helps people with every aspect of worldbuilding and that inspires them to come up with original and entertaining worlds and stories. And I believe we could all need more of those, regardless of genre.

  22. Hi,
    what attracts me to the whole ebook evolution thing is how much attention you give to the professional design and how easy you make it. I am no designer, I like to play with colours though and I like things that look pretty. So far, there are not many ebooks that I’ve read that were visually appealing. And definitely not on my local (Polish) market. I’d love to make a difference. When it comes to topics, I’m a psychologist and would love to publish about human relations. At the moment I’m working on a text about break-ups, how to deal with them. Too many people suffering from broken hearts not knowing what to do. More ideas swirling around in my head, but not clear enough. Yet 🙂 Would be great to win ebook evolution, especially that for me, with the $ price, it is unattainable.

  23. Just looking at the people who provided the testimonials tells me that you guys have mixed up a yeasty product—many of them are blogosphere titans, so if they dig your stuff, I do too. The fact that the eBook Evolution is organized as a system, from writing fundamentals to template options to launch and marketing gives me confidence that the material is comprehensive and credible on a practical, how-to level. (And on the convincing sense that indeed, “You can do this.”

    The book project I’ve been noodling on is a collaboration with a psychotherapist on “cranky creatives,” creative types who have an artistic bent but are also a bit reclusive, hesitant to show their art, tired of formulaic “you are my sunshine and the world is your oyster” treacle but are looking for ways to spur their creations. Crankily or not. I’d provide a writer’s perspective and she the psychological one. You’d provide the eBook Evolution.

    (Hey, would this have been more effective if I’d used that old Spy Magazine approach: show a photo of a puppy with a gun to its head, with a line that reads “Give me this system or this dog dies”? Oh never mind…)

  24. I have a draft of an e-book on developing your own, personalized, daily home yoga practice and I’ve been searching for the right formats and reading everything I could about how to create the most professional and marketable document possible. I love that your kit includes help in writing, because even after having a draft there are decisions to make about how to focus the book for the most impact and I’m looking for the right support in making those decisions. I love that your product takes into account the integrity of the author and seeks to help us align our marketing with our message. And you’ve got Darren Rowse on board – too cool! I’m dying to get my sticky little fingers on the sticky little ebook Evolution, I just have to pry open my sticky little checkbook :/ Or maybe I’ll win!!! Wheeee!

  25. I am blown away by all the creative ideas out there, just waiting to be turned into eBooks!

    I agree with Pamela, this is going to be a tough one.

  26. Thanks for offering this promo.

    What do I like about eBook Evolution? There’s no bloat. Information is presented clearly and succinctly through clean design and well-written text.

    How would I use eBook Evolution? I would use it to differentiate my content from my competitors, to design an eye-catching cover, and to create a launch event. My idea is a tourist guide to the city in which I live from the perspective of a local. (An insider’s guide, if you will.) I have some publishing skills (editorial) and am learning others (design) but I have absolutely no clue about product launches, sales pages, or affiliate programs. (I do realize I can’t just upload my ebook one day and expect people to buy it.) If I were to win, I would use eBook Evolution to launch a small ebook by the end of year so I could build my mailing list and release a bigger ebook next year.

    Thanks again. Now off to read Pamela’s “How to Write a Terrific Tagline.”

  27. Pamela and Kelly– what a great package to help take the complications out of writing an e-book. As a freelance business writer, I’ve been interested in writing an e-book both for business and for my parenting blog, but was dissuaded by the technical and design details. e-Book Revolution takes care of that, so that I can focus on the content. I can also use this to offer even more services for clients– always a great thing.

    I’m assuming e-Book Revolution works fine on Macs. How about iPads?

    Thanks, and here’s hoping I’ll be lucky!

  28. Hi Pamela and Kelly

    E-book evolution looks perfect for what I need and if Darren Rowse is recommending it, that’s good enough for me.

    My plan is to write an ebook to help people with depression make informed choices about their treatment. I’ll explain why.

    My response to anything that interests or troubles me in life is to read, read and read some more – learning as much as I possibly can about the subject so I can properly understand it. When I began to suffer from depression I did just that, but I also had to put my trust in the professionals who were advising me.

    I wasn’t badly advised by my doctors but as I continued my research, I began to see some very worrying weaknesses in the scientific foundations upon which some of their treatment ideas were based, especially the pharmacological ones.

    The more that I have read and written about the subject, the clearer it has become to me that those who are suffering from depression are very often not being given the information that they need to make propely informed choices. My goal is to produce a book to put that right.

    I don’t claim that what I write will be ground-breaking but I believe it will deliver real value by virtue of it coming from the perspective of one who has had to make the same hard choices. It will be a challenge to ensure that what I write focuses on promoting informed choice, rather than strays in to the realms of prescriptive advice. I’m not a doctor, I’m just a sufferer. But I can interpret the evidence, write about it clearly and without any conflicts of interest.

    I’m in my middle years and have a young daughter. I have a day job that kills me with its purposelessness, its pettiness and its politics.

    It’s in a field of such narrow expertise that the alternatives are few and those that do exist would involve me in working long hours in highly stressed environments. I therefore don’t consider these as viable alternatives at all, as they’d keep me from my family and probably spark up the worst of my depression once again.

    With the support of my incredible wife, I’ve therefore made the decision to escape from my job and into my online endeavours. As matters stand these make me next to nothing. So, we are selling our home, moving out of the city and downsizing to a more affordable way of life. If we live frugally, we’ll probably have the funds to support ourselves for a year at most. After that, my online work has to pay – for everything.

    So that’s my story and why I’d love to have E-Book Evolution to help me with my a projected evolution of my own.

    That said, judging by the great ideas that have already been aired, there’s no doubt that it will be put to good use, whoever gets the freebie.

  29. Hi Pamela (& Kelly),

    I’ve been following your emails for Big Brand System with interest. You have an honest, approachable way of explaining what every would-be marketer needs to know about developing the design elements of their own brand. And, ingeniously, it gives those who aren’t interested in doing it themselves the perfect blueprint for managing the process with outside designers.

    Your new product, eBook Evolution would be hugely valuable to me in my job as a brand consultant. I’m planning to write an eBook to educate small and medium business about creating strong customer value messages. The largest consumer and B2B companies build successful brands by tapping into their customers’ fears, hopes and dreams. I’d want to help medium-sized businesses tap into the same powerful techniques.

    Based on your well-written sales page, here’s how I think eBook Evolution can help me on my quest:

    Writing it
    Creating a title and section heads that will grab my audience’s attention
    Outlining the structure so it has a logical flow
    Breaking it down so I’ll be able to keep readers engaged
    Writing it in a way that helps people digest the information easily

    Marketing it
    Creating a plan to launch the eBook
    Leveraging my relationships to get it out there
    Promoting it effectively without feeling sleazy

    Designing / Producing it
    Although I’m an experienced designer, my toughest client has always been myself. Having advice, templates and recipes from a fellow designer whom I trust will be immensely helpful in getting past that particular mental block and actually producing this thing.

    Who knows? If you reward me with a free copy of your program, I may just reward you back with an amazing example of how well it works.

  30. Hi Kelly and Pamela

    eBook Evolution will enable me to add another essential layer to my publications’ marketing strategy – I’ve been dreaming of getting my hands on a kit like this.

    And although eBooks have been on my agenda for ages, I haven’t taken the leap of faith. To be honest, I’ve spent ages looking at doing and it looked all too hard, but now enter your kit. It looks like you have done the hard research and gathered up all the necessary detail to make my visions a reality.

    I am comfortable with the print world having self-published 4 food and nutrition books, 2 of which are award-winners (Silver at the Australian Food Media Awards 2010 and President’s Award for Innovation from the Dietitians Association of Australia). Hugely expensive business from design and production to distribution.

    I want to do a few eBooks because print book are heavy – too heavy to post around the world – and I have lots to share. Some eBooks will support the marketing of my existiting print books – these will showcase valuable content and images and let readers learn some easy diet swaps to improve their life or their kids’ lives – a sampler that anyone can acess for free. Another will serve as a support workbook for people having obesity surgery.

    Once I get comfortable with your process to create and market free pdf style eBooks, then I am sure that it will be only a matter of time before I can learn more about producing versions for sale with DRM attached.

    eBook Evolution will help me to promote my business further and ultimately sell more of my products and services. I am a dietitan, so the content will be very credible and valuable to readers.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win a toolkit from the master team. Thanks BigBrandSystem.


  31. I’ve taken a look at the free items you gave out when you launched Ebook Revolution and they look very good. I’ve found all of the content at Big Brand System helpful so I’m sure this will be as well. I’m sure the parts about writing and designing will be helpful, but I’m most interested in the marketing information since that will be my weakest area.

    I am editing an ebook that a friend of mine wrote and we’re about ready to publish it, so I could use the information in this kit as soon as possible. But the post above made me re-think writing an ebook on my own. I have several ideas. My husband has long wanted to write an ebook about how to choose, measure for, order and install window blinds. He’s not a writer so I’d take his info make it into a book. I also have long had the idea of writing a book about digital scrapbooking. I’m sure I could come up with other ideas if I thought hard for a little while.

    Thanks for running this contest and for all your helpful content.

  32. Hi Kelly and Pamela
    I see people have written at length here so I’ll try and be brief and get to the point.
    Having tried for several years to offer relationship building wisdom to create better relationships in individual sessions I realise that my greatest skills lie in my writing. And aren’t ebooks the obvious way to deliver that information in smaller digestible doses. Then they can go away and follow my tips and start making some changes WITH success! Then they will come looking for more!
    I have so much to share about the subject because I now realise that many people know little about even the basics on how to put zing back into their relationship.
    But it’s the techo stuff that is my stumbling block. I read about Ebook Evolution as you released it and saw how having it would be like having you two on either side of my computer chair, urging me, advising me and encouraging me!
    That’s what I need to take the next step of writing ebooks that work! (As opposed to the ones I’ve attempted with little or no SUCCESS!
    Many thanks
    Chris Owen from Oz!!

  33. Hi, what a fantastic product. I’d love to write my first ebook on natural parenting, but I will need some help on narrowing down the topic and your product promises to do that. I am also very attracted to the part about selling if you don’t always enjoy sales and marketing. That’s me!

  34. Pamela and Kelly,

    I am a jewelry artist and teacher. I know quite a bit about the jewelry world and a lot more about the business world as I am a CPA and advisor to small businesses in my day job. I’ve noticed that many jewelry artists don’t know much about business, and I’d like to offer tips via e-books (free) while also building a following for my blog.

    Here’s what I love about your product: the time it will save me. I like to control all aspects of my business myself (please, no CPA jokes), but I don’t have the time to learn all of the different things I need to know to do so, and I’m not particularly tech-savvy. I know this because I have wasted quite a bit of time this year trying to do it all myself. I do know how to use MS Word, though, so I figure I can handle this.

    Eventually, my daughter and I would like to write a book on fashion jewelry-making, which we were thinking we would do through traditional publishing methods, but now I’m thinking this might be the way to go.

    Thanks for giving everyone a chance to win a copy.


  35. Hi Pamela and Kelly,

    As you know, I already have eBook Evolution but thought I’d say it’s really been helpful to me. I haven’t even used/read everything in it yet, but I’m working on a 2nd ebook for a friend using an eBook Evolution template. The templates are really helpful for me, in particular, because they set things up nicely and give me ideas but I can modify them with no problem. Plus, I hadn’t worked with OpenSource before, and there are so many instructions and tips so by the time I was done with my first ebook I was pretty handy with it, so now I’m buzzing along. The cover instructions are super–what a breeze compared to the first one I did with MS Word! And much nicer.

    Congrats in advance to whoever wins!

  36. Kelly and Pamela,
    I love the eBook Evolution because it removes several of the obstacles that prevent me from actually getting ebooks done. First, Kelly’s wisdom to help look at content differently. To get it organized, and to help think about it in other ways (other than rolling it over and over in my head- not useful.) Second, Pam’s templates, so you know it’s going to look good. With out endlessly rolling over and over and dragging out the whole Adobe Design Suite (and remembering how to use it.)

    I’m thinking it would not only help me streamline my own content, but would show my customers how easy it can be to get their content out into the world.

    Thanks to both of you for making this available— and for all the ebooks that will get finished because of it.

  37. I love everything that both of you do! Putting the two of you together in one package was both brilliant and sort of a no-brainer. Your skills and experience and how you choose to run your businesses are totally complimentary. No need to put me in the contest, ladies. I just wanted to say congrats and keep it coming!

  38. This looks like a great combination of resources to make something really useful. I keep trying to organize my thoughts for my ebook, but once I start writing, I get distracted about how little I know about design, and once I start designing, I freak out because I don’t know how it’ll work with the still-unwritten text! The perfectionist in me is driving me crazy. Knowing that there are resources available for each aspect of ebook creation as it comes is would be a huge panic buster!

    I have a blog focused on students and recent graduates of massage therapy schools. I’m a massage therapist with a background in education, so I ended up blogging a lot of study tips and things along with personal experiences and reflections on the state of the massage field as it grows. To my surprise, many of my readers turned out to be instructors, who were then using my tips to help teach their students how to succeed. One of them asked me to write an ebook on how to study effectively in massage school, so that she could make all her students read it. I know there’s a need, I just need to figure out how to sit down and write it right!

  39. This is a great product! I have researched the best way to put together an e-book and still do not have the confidence to put one together. I think this would finally give me the confidence and push I need to get my recipe book together! It will help me stay orgainized and on point.

  40. Love your idea! This is the kind of product I have been looking for to help me jump start my writing. I want to write a book about adoption today and offer it as a free tool for people who are hoping to adopt. I think your concepts would be perfect in helping me to help others reach their goal of building a family. Good luck to you both!

  41. One book already in the (electronic) can, another half-written, and several more ideas burning a hole in my brain! So eBook Evolution would help me tremendously!

    oh… another thing – I’m currently advising two clients on writing their books. Trouble is, I’m kind of like a monkey with a handgun with this advice. With eBook Evo at my disposal, I could be a hero to these two oh, so worthy clients! (unless of course, they stumble across my comments here… in which case I’m busted and will need to survive by my wits – which you can see puts me in a bit of peril…)

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  42. Having only brought a copy of the Sticky e-book last week I can’t believe how easily an e-book has come together. My problem I always had the content but nit the structure. I loved the format and design of the sticky e-book which energised me all the way through and the e-book revolution reads the same. I am sitting on an avalanche of material that I cannot wait to share with others. I would love to own a copy of e-book evolutions. You guys write so well you make it all look too easy. Thank you both for some great products.

  43. I am a speaker and author with a new book out ‘Full Plate no fork’ and I would like to also get it in tip top ebook form. The book has been out for several months and is doing great; especially to my audiences. I want to give them new formats to access my book and this would be it.

  44. eBook Evolution looks like a fantastic package. I’m a dietitian in the UK, and I specialise in helping children with eating problems, particularly those with autism. I keep meaning to site down and put all my strategies and tips in writing, to creat an ebook, but never know where to start! Maybe this would be the product to get me going. Well done for a great product.

  45. I am interested in writing an e-book related to sports. I have all the ideas and have started on the content but I honestly have no idea how to even begin forming it into an e-book. This sounds to be exactly what I need. All the reviews sound great and promising!

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