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Let’s Hear It: How Have Your Reading Habits Changed?

A picture of woman sitting and reading a book

I’ve had ebooks on my mind a lot lately. I wonder …

Ebook Reading Habits
How have your reading habits changed in the past few years?

I’ll start. Last year, when Apple released its new iPad, I knew it was finally time for me to make my move. You see, when the new iPad came out, the earlier version — the iPad 2 — came down to a price that was within reason.

I purchased it, and have used it for a little over a year.

One thing I noticed immediately is that I was reading more than ever. I had fallen out of my book reading habit in the years before I got the iPad. Now that I have it, I’ve consumed more books in the past year than in the previous three years combined.

I’ve read both PDF ebooks and EPUB-style ebooks. The EPUB-style ebooks are delivered either through Apple’s iBookstore, or Amazon’s Kindle for iPad app.

I’m also reading more blog posts and online articles. I use an app called Pocket to bookmark and save anything that looks interesting during the week. On the weekends (or when I have a free moment), I read what I’ve saved.

I use the iPad for research, discovery, and just plain old reading. (And also drawing, watching videos, writing blog posts, managing email, and more).

How about you?

Do you own a tablet device? Do you prefer paper books?

Please take a moment to visit the comments and let me know if your reading habits have changed in the past few years. I want to hear from you!

Pamela Wilson

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