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Steal This Design: Gorgeous, Upscale Colors & Fonts

A blue Louis Vuitton handbag

brand marketing works with an upscale website designThis is the first in what might be — if you tell me you want more — an ongoing series here on my website.

I’m sharing a color palette, typefaces and a design style that you can steal.

High-end colors & fonts

I’ve recommended using two main colors in your marketing materials before, and I’m showing you how it works with these sample designs of a web page and flyer for a high-end boutique.

brand marketing works with a gorgeous flyer

The purple and deep blue are the main colors. A light beige and grey serve as background colors, and I’ve used them to set off the main content areas.

The green is an accent color. In the website example, I’ve used it on the optin box found in the upper right corner of the site. In the flyer example, it’s used for the company name.

Because it’s used sparingly, your viewer’s eyes will go straight to it. That’s why accent colors are also referred to as “conversion colors,” because they’re a great way to direct attention to your call to action. Your call to action might ask for an optin to your email list, a visit to your store or a phone call to request a quote.

Steal this color palette

This group of sophisticated, high-end colors can be plugged right into your website theme or print design program. For the web, use the HEX color codes, which start with a #. For print work, plug in the CMYK numbers to generate swatches to match.

brand marketing works with a great color palette

Steal these fonts

I’ve already written about upscale typography here. I used all my rules about how to combine typefaces when I came up with this font combination.

The typefaces I chose are versatile because they’re available in a variety of weights, and use classic, easy-to-read letter forms.

Lato, the beautifully-drawn sans-serif font in the headline, comes in ten different weights.

Lora, in the body copy, is a serif font that’s easy to read and comes in four weights.

Both font families are available through the Google Font API, and can be used both on web pages and in print projects.

brand marketing works with beautiful typefaces

To use the fonts on your web pages, follow the directions here.

To download the fonts to use in print projects, do this:

Step 1: click “add to collection” next to the font you’d like to use

Step 2: click “download your collection” at the top of the page (see below).

how to create a brand with create fonts

I hope you enjoy Stealing This Design. Scroll on down and leave me a comment to let me know if this post is helpful to you. If it is, I’ll plan to write more like it in the future.

EDIT: This post has provoked some very interesting discussions in the comments section due to the word “steal” in the headline. Lifting creative work you find on the Internet without permission is stealing, and it’s wrong. In this case, I’m giving you the ingredients — colors, fonts and layout ideas — but you have to cook up the combination yourself. That — of course — isn’t stealing. It’s creating.

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