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Font Styles that Work: 5 Favorite Free Font Combinations

Font Styles that Work_ 5 Favorite Free Font Combinations

Looking for free font combinations? That’s probably because you realize that nothing will ruin your design faster than the wrong fonts.

That amazing headline you came up with, the words you worked hard to write, the sidebar copy or call out text you want to emphasize … they’ll all be ignored when you use the wrong fonts to communicate them.

Even worse: the wrong font styles might communicate the exact opposite of what you intend, sending a confusing mixed message to your reader.

Fonts give meaning to your words

When you choose fonts carefully, they magnify the meaning behind the words you write. Choose fonts that express your brand personality, and your marketing will make a lasting impact.

These free font combinations work, and they’re yours for the taking

This site exists because I want to help you show your business in the best light.

I have worked with fonts professionally for more than 30 years. How about you take advantage of my experience and borrow these great-looking (and free) font combinations for your next project?

Bonus: I’m sharing the font names and links to where you can find them right in this post.

Gandhi Sans and Alegreya

Learn how to build your visual brand at

Two highly readable, open typefaces come together for crisp, clear communication.

Get them at

Merriweather and Merriweather Sans

Find more free font styles and combinations at

You’ve got to love it when a typeface designer creates both a serif and a sans-serif version of the same font. It’s a guaranteed perfect match.

Get them at Google Fonts

Dynalight and Gentium

Find more free font styles and combinations at

A headline typeface with a big personality combined with a classic, easy-on-the-eyes text typeface.

Get them at Google Fonts

Podkova and Source Sans Pro

Learn how to build your visual brand at

At first glance, these two may not look like they’d be a good match. But on closer inspection, the letter forms blend nicely. It’s a unique combination that works.

Get them at Google Fonts

Antonio and Lora

Find more free font styles and combinations at

Opposites attract in this match made in heaven: a sans-serif condensed typeface holds its own with an open, readable serif typeface.

Get them at

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